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Lieutenant JG Agaia Adima

Name Agaia Adima

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurien
Age 119

Physical Appearance

Height 5’4” / 162 cm
Weight 116 lbs / 55 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Agaia looks young. For an El-Aurien she is young, barely old enough to vote in elections in most El-Aurience colonies. She rarely wears the uniform. She always has something holding back her long jet black hair, whether it’s a simple headband, headscarf, or more elaborate hat.


Father Ascle Adima (b. 1719)
Mother Dr. Eione Adima (b. 1778)
Brother(s) Dr. Machon Adima (b. 2087)
Daleir Adima (b. 2096)
Dr. Teles Adima (b. 2165)
Sister(s) Dr. Gieia (Adima) Beti (b. 2068)
Dr. Ana Garibaldi (b. 2107)
Aceso Adima (b. 2185)
Dr. Iaso Adima (b. 2197)
Other Family (Great-Grandniece) Cmdr. Océane Garibaldi-Dumont (b. 2363), USS Trailblazer, Executive Officer
(Great-Grandniece) Lt. Claire Garibaldi-Dumont (b. 2368) USS Stardust, Chief Medical Officer
(Great-Grandniece)Lt. Mathilde (Garibaldi-Dumont) Aroztegi (b. 2371) USS Peregrinate, Chief of Security
(Great-Grandnephew) Ensign Giovanni Garibaldi-Dumont (b. 2375), USS Carver, Engineering Officer
(Grandnephew) Capt. Antonio Garibaldi (b. 2351), USS Journey, Commanding Officer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Agaia comes from a species of Listeners and she excels at “reading the room” and quickly deducing peoples’ states of mind. However, she is still a youth in many ways. She is a little more impulsive than many elder El-Auriens.

She is an extrovert and her own galaxy of friendships is breathtaking in its sheer size and scope. Old, middle-aged, and young, she has the ability to relate to them all.

Personal History The Adimas fled their homeworld when the Borg attacked in 2265. For nearly a decade they bounced around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants as part of the El-Aurien diaspora until they arrived on Earth, settling in New South Wales, Australia in 2278. Agaia was born three years later.

Her mother, a hale 503, and father, edging close to his 562nd birthday, had not planned to have another child. Yet, they proclaimed Agaia a gift after so much heartache. They doted on her accordingly, allowing her to live a carefree life that her siblings had not enjoyed.

Agaia grew up surrounded by her family in a small community of El-Auriens who’d settled in Walla Walla. Although she was well acquainted with the sorrow her people felt at the loss of their homeworld and so many friends and family. This caused her people to focus on building a new life where they were, not setting out on grand adventures. Her own brothers and sisters lived on the same street as she did. The whole neighborhood, in fact, was home to three dozen El-Auriens who’d come to Earth.

Despite being ensconced in El-Aurien culture, she quickly adapted and was adopted by the Humans of Walla Walla. She grew slowly, as El-Auriens did (they were not considered “adults” until their 115th birthday). This required her to constantly make new Human friends own “age.” Still, she enjoyed their fleeting company and their dreams seeped into hers, especially their love of traveling, adventure, and exploration. As they looked upwards, so did she.

In her early-90s, decades before El-Auriens left their parents’ home, Agaia asked if she could apply to Starfleet Academy. A group of her friends were applying and she was no longer content to be left behind as they went out into their lives. Her parents allowed her to take the entrance examination. Much to their relief, she didn’t pass.

Undeterred, she took the test again the following year, only to fail once more. Switching her tack, Agaia considered enlisting in Starfleet. It was the dark days of the Dominion War. Aghast, her parents, who’d already lost so much of their family to the Borg, began a campaign of their own: convince her to aid the cause, but in a way that wouldn’t put her into harm’s way.

What followed was a flurry of volunteer jobs they lined up for her: assisting refugees from planets that had been overrun by the Dominion; as a candy striper at their respective hospitals; at a psychologists’ clinic, specializing in families traumatized by the war. It was the last of these that piqued her interest. She’d grown up in a family battered by the loss of their world, their community, and near obliteration of their people.

In the end, she combined the dream and the professional interest. Agaia was accepted into the class of 2380, with the intent to attend medical school afterwards.

At the Academy, like she was growing up, Agaia was a bit of an outlier. A 98-year-old who was, in some terms, little more than in her mid-teens. But this time, she discovered other outsiders who didn’t quite fit the norm of 18- to 20-year-old first year cadets.

Among this small group of friends was Maurice Reubens. Although only 19, he’d served a tour in Starfleet Security, including fighting on a besieged planet, after which he’d spent several months in psychological treatment for wounded veterans of Vulcan ancestry. Their conversations around his experience turned into a warm and fast friendship. They spent long stretches of time together and she, despite herself, developed feelings for the man; feelings he didn’t reciprocate.

They went their separate ways after the Academy: he into diplomatic work and she onto medical school. Although her school days lasted only seven years, she felt much older coming out of them than a typical 105-year-old El-Aurien had any right to. Agaia had her pick of first assignments, selecting to join the crew of an exploration vessel.

The five-year-mission was cut short, however, by the disaster on Mars. She was recalled to Earth for several years, assisting the families and children who’d lost loved ones. When her clients began healing and moving on to other therapists, she returned to space. The deep space exploration on the USS Journey lasted the span of two cruises. It was only when the old ship was decommissioned that she left, choosing Obsidian Command due to its proximity to a small El-Aurien colony on Loki III.

It was there she rekindled a friendship from not so long ago…
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2376-2380
Starfleet Medical School (Psychotherapy & Therapy) 2380-2383
USS Tycho, Counselor, 2383-2385
Starfleet Medical, Earth, 2385-2389
USS Journey, 2389-2397
Obsidian Command, 2397-Present