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Aiden Dhow

Name Aiden Tallis Dhow

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Age 125 (Approximate - exact date unknown)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 188
Hair Color Sable
Eye Color Dark Hazel
Physical Description Aiden presents as a tall, lean young man who appears somewhere in his early 20’s. While his stature is striking, it is generally his eyes which draw the most attention, appearing to be a veritable kaleidoscope of colors ranging from blues to greens, on through to varying brownish shades depending on the lighting.


Father Chidor Wren
Mother Tallisa Dhow
Other Family Uncle - Lt. Kitaan Dhow

Numerous half-siblings of mixed El Aurian & Orion blood

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aiden has lived many lives in his hundred plus years – most of them unwillingly at the behest of the Apogee organization. To that extent, he is in effect relearning who he actually is at the core. Prior to his involvement with the organization, he grew up on an Orion trader ship, the first born and only full-El Aurian offspring of one of their slaves. His masters decided it would be easier to sell him off to Apogee for their purposes rather than try to conceal the fact he was not Orion, but rather a free-born prior to his mother’s enslavement.

Within the organization, Aiden was trained as an assassin, a spy, a thief – whatever purpose his ‘employers’ might have to make use of him at any given time. His appearance was changed numerous times, to the point Aiden barely knew what he should see in the mirror. Some assignments lasted mere days, others months or even years. From time to time, Aiden would attempt to break free of the organization, only to be reeled back in – either through capture, threat to his family or both. After the first fifty years he eventually gave up and submitted to their demands without protest.

Because of his training, Aiden speaks several different languages from across the quadrants, has been trained in various forms of martial arts and use of weapons, as well as more subtle traits of breaking and entering.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Able to converse with numerous species and adapt to cultures

+ Highly intelligent, with a capacity to pick up skills quickly as needed and a strong memory

+ Proficient fighter; his skill doubled with his strength and reach give him an advantage against most combatants, though he’s found Klingons and Romulans a challenge

- His memory of his own past is still clouded for the most part. In the months since regaining his original form, Aiden has slowly started putting his life back together. Still, many of the details remain lost, and he’s unsure just how much he will ever manage to recover.

- Having spent most of his life on the outside of the Federation, Aiden is not adept at engaging on a personal level. He tends to come off as reserved, at times uninterested in his surroundings and at others overly curious.

- Though, for the most part, Apogee as a cohesive unit has collapsed, Aiden still lives with the knowledge that someone might remember him. Whether this will pose a threat to him is unknown at this time.
Ambitions Aiden doesn’t have any specific ambitions at this time, other than to try and make some sort of a life for himself.
Hobbies & Interests Most for Aiden revolve around his training from Apogee, though in his time with Ionas, he started taking an interest in art and has begun studying painting and holo-photography.

Personal History Aiden was born out of tragedy; his mother was the youngest daughter – and second-youngest child – of a prominent El Aurian family at the time of the Borg Invasion that destroyed her home planet. Unbeknownst to most outside of the few survivors, a military coup had taken place in the days leading up to the invasion, resulting in the massacre of the leading clans – the Dhows among them. Talissa’s younger brother, Kitaan, had left the planet years ago to study abroad; for her part, Talissa was spared on a whim as one of the party – another El Aurian by the name of Chidor Wren – smuggled her out of the wreckage and took her with him as he fled the planet. At first resistant to the man she saw as her abductor, Talissa came to reluctantly accept the man as something of a rescuer. At any rate, she had no family left that she could locate and no way of providing for herself. At the mercy of wherever Chidor’s whim might take them, Talissa made the best of her situation.

A few years into their relationship, she realized she was pregnant. Talissa kept the pregnancy a secret from Chidor – it was easy to do, as her race tended toward a long gestation period. To her way of thinking, it was the best choice, as Chidor had taken to trading with the Orions on a regular basis. A part of her wondered if she might find a way to slip away on some planet and make a life for herself, but before her plan could come to fruition, Chidor’s latest contact betrayed him. Chidor was murdered, his ship destroyed, and Talissa was once again taken captive – this time by Orion slave traders.

Aiden was born some months into this existence. At first, his mother’s captors allowed him to live with her even as she was used by her owners and whomever they chose to sell her services to at the moment. Over the years, he watched one half sibling after another be taken away and sold, never having the chance to know any of them for longer than a year or two. As Aiden neared puberty himself, his mother’s owners realized that his existence was becoming more problematic. As he had not been conceived while his mother was in captivity, he was technically free-born. And besides, the Orions had no use for a non-orion male child. He was eventually sold to a representative for the Apogee Organization to be trained for their use.

The next several decades were brutal for Aiden. The beginning did not seem so bad, as his new owners took the opportunity to train him in various skills – language, etiquette, fighting styles and weapons, and even less savory practices such as lock-picking and hacking systems. While still young, Aiden was able to look at most of it as a series of games, but as he became more aware of the organization’s purposes, he began to rebel against their direction. Often, the threat of harm to his mother was enough to keep him in line, as she was the only connection he had left to any sense of a family. As his training progressed into assignments, Aiden began gaining more and more opportunities to break free. Eventually he took his first shot on an assignment to break in to a Cardassian embassy. Unfortunately, his handler was alerted and Aiden was captured and forced back into ‘training’ in order to knock him back in line.

More attempts cropped up over the years – spaced out in hopes of throwing his handlers off, but in the end, he always found himself back in the same place – beaten and subjected to whatever was deemed necessary to recondition him for the next job. It wasn’t until his assignment to Lacuna colony, and one Sylvie Hardt, that Aiden found the opportunity he needed to truly break free. Gaining the attention of a Romulan Hybrid who went by the name of Ionas, Aiden – who was going by the handle Winston Sawyl at the time – made a connection with the man. With Ionas’ help, Aiden managed to slip his handlers and fake his death. In the process, Ionas’ people removed the tracker that had been used to locate him in the past and used Aiden’s genetic code to recreate his look.

Thanks to Ionas’ connections with the Orion Syndicate, he was able to locate Aiden’s mother as well and slip her from underneath their thumb. With the man’s help, Talissa was set up on a Federation colony planet with a new cover, funds to start a life for herself, and security from being captured again. For Aiden’s part, he willingly worked with Ionas for a time, assisting in the man’s clandestine activities and relearning his own past from gathered memories until the other decided it was time to part ways. Left to his own resources, and with a similar ‘gift’ as had been given his mother, Aiden was transported Obisidian Colony where he hoped to start up a new life.
Service Record N/A