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Lieutenant Louke Haille

Name Louke Galen Haille

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Age 120

Physical Appearance

Height 1.95 m
Weight 80 km
Hair Color Taupe
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Louke is defined by a tall, lanky build and dark features punctuated by hazel eyes. His adoptive father nicknamed him "pup" as a boy – reflective of the big feet and long limbs he seemed to take years growing into. He carries his fair share of scars – some visible and some hidden from all but the few who manage to get close enough to truly know him.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father William Haille (Adoptive - Deceased)
Mother Valorie Haille (Adoptive - Deceased)
Brother(s) Arlen - Deceased
Sister(s) Unnamed Sister - Deceased
Other Family Joshua Haille - Nephew (several times removed)
1st LT Jesse Haille - Josh's son

Personality & Traits

General Overview Louke's lived a couple lifetimes in little over a century. Though he initially comes off as distant and uninterested in personal engagement, he is a solid officer who genuinely cares for the well-being of those around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Patience: one could say patience is a basic element of El Aurian nature, but for Louke it's something he's worked for over the years. Numerous scrapes and close calls as a child, and later the task of maintaining and operating his own trade craft has taught him the value of not rushing his way through a project. He may have infinite years, but one wrong move can end them prematurely.
+ Organization: First with his trade ship, and then later in his service as an officer, Louke consistently proved himself as organized and extremely detail-oriented.
+ Strength: Both physically and mentally, Louke takes time to keep himself in top shape - as best as his circumstances allow

- Relationships: Between watching his adopted family pass as he carries on and losing close friends in the Bajoran occupation, Louke is hesitant when it comes to developing new relationships. He will be cordial to his fellow officers, and put his whole effort into his work, but he struggles at making genuine connections.
Ambitions Louke would say he's already achieved quite a bit in life. At this point in time he's content to simply focus on the task at hand.
Hobbies & Interests Downtime on the Holodeck is always a treat, enjoying a fishing or boating program. Louke enjoys time spent 'out of doors', which is part of the draw of working on a station so near a physical planet.

Personal History 2275 – 2300: Louke’s life nearly ended before it could ever begin. Orphaned by the Borg Invasion, his shuttle was discovered floating off course by a human merchant by the name of William Haille. Curious, Haille boarded the vessel and discovered the infant cocooned in a stasis unit while the sole other occupant lay dying at the helm.

There was little to identify the pair save that the pilot – a woman – appeared young and bore a striking resemblance to the small boy. Assuming her to be the mother, Haille took her and the child onto his shuttle. She revived briefly, identifying herself as a sister to the boy – Louke – before passing on. It was clear to Haille that Louke had no remaining family; so, it was with no hesitation that he decided to adopt the boy. Providing an impromptu ‘burial at sea’ for the woman, he headed for home with his new ‘son’.

In the years to come, Haille and his family were to learn that the child he had rescued was far from human, for all his appearance otherwise. He aged slowly – disturbingly so as, after seven years he still seemed locked in a perpetual toddler state. Frightened at the possibility of damage from his tumultuous first years, the Hailles took the child to a specialist who – after a series of tests – determined him to be El Aurian. The pronouncement eased some fears and raised others; Louke – or Loki, as he was commonly called – was developing naturally, but would he reach adulthood before his ‘parents’ passed on?

Valorie, William’s wife, was determined her ‘son’ would have all the skills necessary to fend for himself. Opting out of public education, she gave up her job as a business consultant to stay home and educate the boy. The woman was delighted to learn that, despite a slow physical growth, Louke’s mind was sharp – able to grasp with a remarkable speed. In less than a year he was intellectually on par with his human age-peers. Emotionally he was still a small, scared boy and it took a great deal of steady determination to draw him up and out of his shell.

Adolescence struck in Louke’s late teens and early twenties and the boy seemed to grow over night from a small, lithe child to gangly proto-adult. While he struggled to become familiar with his new form, Louke’s father decided it would be a good idea to begin teaching the boy his trade.

2300 – 2340: Louke flourished in space, learning the merchant trade at his father’s side. William was a capable instructor, sharing his knowledge and experience with his adopted son. In time, the pair moved from teacher and student to partners. And then, when he felt Louke was ready, William gave over the helm and stepped down – content to retire from the business.

In his first years alone, Louke spent time exploring his horizons – reaching out to new contacts. It was in this way he became acquainted with Jyn Alin – a Bajoran trader – and the plight surrounding the man’s home world. At first, Louke wasn’t sure what he could do to help. The Federation were making no moves to interfere that he could see, but it didn’t take Louke long to realize his help was needed.

Help started as supply runs, carrying goods to impoverished communities under begrudging Cardassian approval. However, as the fist continued to tighten, even these liberties became scarce. Feeling the pressure Louke and Alin stepped up the pace, adding ‘live cargo’ to their runs.

Alin’s sister Talis, still a young woman but refusing to be left behind while her brother risked his life to help their people. Added to this was her infatuation with Louke – a point of amusement for her brother. Nonetheless, youthful admiration blossomed into a true love, constantly tested in the crucible that was an increasing Cardassian domination.

2340 – 2366: All good things come to an end in time; some more forcefully than others. On his way home from a successful ‘delivery’ to Trill, Louke ran into a Cardassian blockade. He escaped, though not unscathed, and managed to limp his way back to Alin’s home. His ship was all but ruined and Louke himself was suffering from a variety of bruises, contusions, and smoke inhalation. Luckily, the worst of his injuries culminated in a concussion and dislocated shoulder. While Alin worked to conceal the evidence – breaking down the ship and selling to the fastest bidders – Talis took Louke in heal. Fate, however, chose otherwise.

They came in the night – Cardassian Legates under the command of Gul Pricet. Talis, keeping watch over a sleeping Louke, confronted the soldiers who would dare intrude on her lover’s rest; her reward was a blow that sent her crashing into the far wall. Talis crumpled to the ground, unmoving, and Louke was hauled from the bed and thrown to her side. The charges were read – smuggling, sedition, charges punishable by death should they be proven. Louke was taken into custody and transported to Terok Nor for questioning. The internment lasted weeks – torture, followed by starvation, questioning, and torture again.

When at last Pricet’s men lost patience, Alin – with help from the Hailles – had raised the money to bribe for Louke’s release. Battered and broken, it was decided best for Louke to return to earth where his family could care for him. Not until later would he learn that Talis had died without ever waking.

2366 – 2395: Louke recovered his strength and his wounds healed, but the scars left behind marked him inside and out. For years he remained silent – unable, or unwilling, to speak about what happened. As time passed the pain eased and Louke found other distractions - namely the youngest member of Haille clan, Jesse. The boy was a lively one, always interested in weapons and fighting; his dream was to join the Marine Corps. As a means of escape Louke encouraged him, training with the boy until – on his 18th birthday – Jesse signed up.

His absence opened old wounds, but rather than giving up, Louke took the moment as a sign it was time to move on. However, instead of following Jesse into the Corps, Louke opted for Star Fleet. With no small amount of chagrin the man – a good handful of years into his first century – joined the Academy. Luckily, his appearance was no different than any other young recruit, and after the first few awkward days he fit right in. His interests were divided between Engineering and Operations; he eventually broke the middle with a focus on Damage Control. Louke drank in learning, at times a little too much as he tended to miss deadlines for getting lost in his studies. Still, he managed to graduate with high marks. From there he went to join the USS Quexana.

Louke’s first mission was meant to be exploratory, but a few months out the ship was caught in the cross-fire of a random Klingon/Romulan feud. Damaged nearly beyond repair, the Quexana limped back to Federation space, her crew scrambling to keep her stable. Louke was recognized for his actions – along with the rest of the crew – and received a field promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade. He intended to take a few months off to regain his bearings, but before his Leave had even finished, Louke was receiving offers from other ships to serve in their Science departments. He waited through the first wave until what he saw as the prime opportunity opened – a position as Chief of Operations on the USS Odin. Handing in his acceptance, Louke packed his bags and headed out once more. This time around, the tour was less fraught with chaos; not to say all went without issue, but the ship did return more or less unscathed.

Deciding to take a bit of a sabbatical, Louke went back to the Academy for some refresher courses in Operations. It was there he was approached in regards to a project involving El Aurian officers in the deserts of Kalaran. Seeing an opportunity for something new, Louke accepted the offer and soon found himself on the planet Obsidian under the leadership of a Commander Dhow, assisting in setting up a joint colony with the natives of the region. The work was challenging, but a welcome distraction. All the same, when word came through of an opening on the station itself, curiosity drew Louke skyward where he found himself stepping into the position of station Operations Chief.
Service Record • Academy: 2383 – 2387 (Cadet, Operations focus)
• USS Quexana: 2388 – 2389 (Damage Control, Ensign, field promotion to LTJG, Chief of Operations, acting)
• USS Odin: 2390 – 2393 (Chief of Operations LTJG to LT)
• Obsidian Command 2395 – Present Chief of Operations.