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Lieutenant Tobias Hirsh

Name Tobias Hirsh

Position Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Grazerite
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 245Lb
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Grazerite men from Tobias's Upsol are fairly big guys and he's no exception. Having focused of his physical well being via sports and martial arts, he's maintained a physique that makes him imposing. He has some massive upper body strength. While not lumbering exactly, Tobias is no speedster, and can't effectively sneak up on anyone.
He moves with a kind of intentional sureness, while being attentive to his surroundings.

The end of his right horn is broken off.

In spite of his size, Tobias has a gentle almost boyish grin.

His tastes in things like food and clothing are very uncomplicated.

Tobias possesses a very low voice and tends to speak softly, although he has the vocal capacity to bellow quite impressively.

Tobias had a general distaste of the traditional Grazerite horn-covering since boyhood and often cast it off or "forgot" it when he could. While in the Grazerite Defense Force, it was a required part of his uniform, but since joining Starfleet he has never worn his horns covered again.


Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Bass playing with his drinking buddies has been his hobby for some years. He is not especially good or especially bad at it. He just likes it for something creative to do. Practicing gives him something to focus on in his downtime alone, while performing with his friends gives him a bit of a social outlet.

Personal History Tobias-Hirsh had a classic upbringing on the steppes of a mountainous region of Grazer. He was fairly competitive, and like many young Grazer males, his energies were encouraged in heavy laboring or in sportsmanship, as the Grazer society heavily ostracizes violence and lionizes self sacrifice and peacemakers.

Secretly, he trained with a hermit he met on the mountainside, an old human who was a retired SF Marine, who he convinced to teach him and his closest three friends martial arts. The four Grazerite friends remain like brothers, staying in contact over long distance and making efforts to visit one another. They are a kind of club that never disbanded, but only has suspended being in session.

At 17, Tobias joined the Grazer Defense Force, where he trained with ranged stun weapons and further non-lethal hand-to-hand stopping force. Tobias learned a great deal concerning shielding, comms, signal hiding and scrambling, tactical code, EMPs, and many creative uses of deflector technology— Grazer being less defended by destructive energy or ballistics, but instead by applied science used as counter-weapons tech. The Grazer Government is infamous for having an established presence at every convention or peace talk concerning deescalation, nonproliferation, or banning weaponry. Grazer contributes some of both the top scientists and diplomats in the UFP.

Tobias is especially interested in banned and taboo weaponry and a lot of his research is rooted in the Grazer hyper-interest in controlling illegal weapons. He was initially an aide and understudy to other advanced and noted science and engineering techs in his planet’s defense force.

With his training, he was assigned to work in the establishment of a new defensive network over the skies of a Grazer colony known as Fieldmont, to which he was expected to take his first senior role. But before he could even settle in and register with his new unit, the fledgling colony was attacked. 9,609 Grazerite lives were lost. There were only four survivors- A couple who had been on a long hike away from the population center, and Tobias, with a baby entrusted to him by her fatally wounded mother. After serious injury, he escaped below ground into an old shielded service tunnel from the original science station pre-dating the colony. There he laid low for days before help arrived from Starfleet to answer the distress call from the colony. The circumstances of the attack have been classified for two years.

Following the event Tobias transferred to Starfleet, accepting an invitation specifically related to his specialized tactical training and his experience with the attack on Fieldmont. He underwent the abbreviated officer training course, was awarded the rank of Lieutenant, then assigned to Strategic Operations as an advisor and supplied a modest sized lab team to develop weapons counter-technology. When Obsidian Command was recovered, his team was relocated to the station.