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Ensign Lark Gunnarsen-Berg

Name Lark Katje Gunnarsen-Berg

Position Biologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Chestnut
Eye Color Bistre
Physical Description Lark is a svelte young woman who works hard to maintain her figure. Or, at least, that's the impression she tends to give when the mood strikes her. She is certainly not adverse to physical activity - especially enjoying early morning runs - but she's just as likely to be found curled up with a good holo-novel and a mug of hot cocoa. She inherited her father's dark chestnut hair and eyes, but her mother's delicate features and medium height. Lark has an affinity for henna and has been known to mark herself on occasion as the mood strikes. The only permanent tattoo she has is that of a phoenix rising on her left shoulder-blade - a delicate echo of her half-brother Ethan's more elaborate work.


Father Rueben Gunnarsen
Mother Ingrid Berg
Brother(s) Christoph Berg – Step-Brother (34)
Ethan Gunnarsen – Half-Brother (32)
Arun Gunnarsen-Berg – Half-Brother (26)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lark's is a sweet and inviting nature. Born the baby of a blended family, and the only girl to boot, she has been a princess since her first day of life. While this would normally spoil a child, it has proven a drive for Lark to soak up the love she has been given and share it with those around her. Understandably, she is closest with her half-brother, Ethan, though she loves her other brothers as well. The fact that she spent most of her young life with just her mother and Ethan has developed a bond between the two that remains to this day.
Strengths & Weaknesses Creativity - Lark is an artist. She loves to draw and paint and has a particular penchant for henna tattoos on herself and other people. She has expanded on this interest by studying computer drafting and can generally recreate anything from paper onto systems at will - a handy trait when documenting new finds.

Strength - As the baby, it has always been Lark's drive to keep up with her older brothers - not an easy feat when they seemed to grow into bloody vikings overnight, all three topping the six foot mark by at least a couple inches. While they never pushed her beyond her limits, the boys still prodded Lark to keep at whatever she was trying, and if she failed, they encouraged her to start again until she got it right.

Attention Deficit - Lark has been diagnosed with a mild Attention Deficit disorder. While she has medication she can take as needed, her mother has always encouraged her to lean to the natural first. She often partakes in meditation and yoga and strives to eat and drink healthy.
Ambitions Lark still feels it is early days to name any particular ambition in life. Simply to succeed at what she sets her hands to would satisfy her at the end of the day.
Hobbies & Interests • Sketching and painting
• Henna Tattoos
• Jogging & Vollyball

Personal History Twenty some years ago a baby bird was born. Not an ugly duckling by any means, she did not quite reach graceful swan either in early days. She was loved, however, and that was all that mattered. Named Lark on a whim, and Katje for her maternal grandmother, she was the second child of Rueben Gunnarsen and Ingrid Berg, and the fourth - and final - child of their combined union. Lark had one full brother - Arun - who was four years her senior, and then Ethan (her father's from his previous marriage) and Christoph (the same for her mother) at ten and twelve respectfully.

For the first six years of Lark's life, she grew up in Abenra and knew nothing more than the beauty of the Danish countryside. She played games outside with her brothers in the summer, and bundled through snow in winter. She made friends in primary school and had fairy parties with dolls and cups of imaginary tea. Life was a treat savored after a satisfying meal, and she could think of nothing better.

In the beginning of Lark's seventh year, life began to change. At first, she hadn't noticed the tensions brewing between her father and Ethan. A small part of her brain had always seen Ethan as her father's favorite - next to herself - because he came from the 'before time'. But now ... now, it didn't seem like that. As spring came to an end, her mother informed Lark that they would be taking a journey - just her, momma and Ethan, so that Ethan could go to 'a special school'. The move meant saying good-bye to all her friends, but Lark did so with the belief she would come home again soon.

They traded the crisp beauty of Denmark for the bustling energy of San Francisco. Always a social soul, Lark fell into her new life with a gusto. While her old friends were not quite forgotten, perhaps they were not missed quite as much as the girl would have thought. She made new friends, learned the joys of going to the beach and playing volleyball in sandy pits.

She watched Ethan go to Academy, heard him talk about becoming a pilot of one of the massive star ships, and dreamed of riding on one herself one day. Her mother teased that while Star Fleet might appreciate an artist on one of their vessels, it might help if she had something else to offer as well. The answer came in Lark's love of nature. She began applying herself to science in school, participating in science fairs and earning ribbons. All the while, she dreamed of writing home to her papa to share the news of going out into space to do something special.

Those dreams came to a staggering halt the winter before Lark's 12th birthday. After a quiet night where she and Ethan went to bed without their usual evening routines, Mama explained that they would not be going home again. Papa did not want to be with Mama or Ethan anymore. Oh, she could visit - he was still *her* papa - but for Lark there couldn't be one without the other. She cried, not sure how this would change things, but Mama assured her that it changed nothing. Papa still loved her, she still had her dreams, and she could still go into the stars.

Ethan suggested they make a pact - do something to show they were there for one another. Lark had heard of tattoos before, had seen them on the beaches, but had never thought of getting one of her own. Not that she would be getting one, Mama informed her. A girl of twelve could not have herself marked with something that might never go away. However, she would not be left out. Searching a reputable artist who worked in all forms of ink, three of them decided on a shared motif - a Phoenix bird. Both Mama and Ethan had theirs applied with needles, but Lark was introduced to the magic of Henna. Mama promised that if she liked the tattoo, she could come back every few weeks to have it touched up and maybe - some day - have it put on for keeps.

After that, time seemed to surge forward with hardly a rhythm at all. Ethan set off for his first mission and Lark continued with her studies. On her third trip to the tattoo artist, she started asking questions on how to use the henna herself. While she couldn't do the artwork on her back, and Mama claimed to have no fingers for such artwork, Lark quickly picked up the habit of creating increasingly intricate designs on her hands and arms and legs with the cool brown dye. Her friends had her apply designs to them as well and she started a somewhat lucrative trade of artwork in exchange for funds to continue purchasing her supplies.

When the time came to enter academy herself, Lark wrote to Ethan and received a glowing message of praise and encouragement, and a nebulous promise that 'someday' they would serve on a ship together. She held onto that promise, though perhaps not with the thought that it would come to be all that soon. In her second year, Ethan was assigned to a local base that allowed him to come home on regular furloughs. He was assisting with flight development, and taking some advanced courses himself. Having him there pushed Lark forward, and soon enough she was looking at graduation and putting her name in for possible assignments and received posting to the USS Tamerlaine for her first tour as a Science officer.

When the end of her assignment loomed, the voyager in Lark sang loudest and she found herself putting in for transfers. It wasn't until she got the word she would be assigned to the USS Archimedes that Ethan informed her he had just been transferred there has flight officer. The excitement of sharing a posting with her brother buoyed Lark through the next two years of difficulty and concern on top of new learning.

She was starting to see the cracks in her brother’s armor, and worried that he might be faltering under the weight of constant work. As their tour came to an end, Lark worked to convince her brother that he should take a breather. If just for a few months, before taking a new assignment. Ethan complied … to a point. He returned to Lunar Base, working odd jobs between ‘compulsory’ visits with his sister and mother-in-law on the planet. In time, he seemed to relax, some, though he never quite opened up about what was truly bothering him.

When word of the newly reopened Obsidian Command came around, it seemed like an official end to the ‘vacation’ as it were. Ethan put his name in for consideration, as did Lark, and it was over dinner that they informed Ingriid that, once again, they had managed a double-billing. Of a sort … Ethan had been assigned as Chief Flight Officer to a ship operating from the self-same base – the USS Theseus while Lark had posting on the station itself as a Science officer. It was the perfect arrangement in Lark's mind and deserved the perfect celebration. Coaxing Mama into joining them, the trio once again went to the tattoo artist. Ethan had his original mark expanded, while Lark finally had her original design permanently marked into her skin. Mama opted for a pair of fireflies to accompany hers - reminder of her two dreamers who would soon be exploring the stars together.
Service Record • Starfleet Academy – 2390-2393
• USS Tamerlaine – 2393-2395 – Ensign, Sciences
• USS Archimedes – 2395-2396 – Ensign, Sciences
• San Francisco – 2396-2397 – temporary furlough
• Obsidian Command – 2397-Present – Ensign, Sciences