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A'Koja Dea - Private Investigator

Name A'Koja Dea - Private Investigator

Position Proprietor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species J'Naii
Age 51

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Personal History A’Koja Dea has been many things. Refugee, Law Student, Diplomat, Starbase Captain, Lawyer, Prosecutor, Revolutionary, Defendant, Convict. And now? A private investigator.

She’d started out in the UFP as a refugee when she escaped from re-education on her homeworld. She made the UFP her home and in her joy at gaining her personal freedoms, believed in all of the visionary ideals of the federation. After Law School, she worked for the Diplomatic Corps in pursuit of an exchange of culture and knowledge.

What was later intended as a short stint as a Diplomatic Liaison on Starbase 60, turned out to be the defining point in her career. Through circumstances she was shortly thereafter promoted and given command of the station where she put down roots as she grew relationships with the staff and civilians who called Starbase 60 home.

But trouble continued to brew on her homeworld of J’naii and she couldn’t bear to look the other way when requests for help reached her from others in the re-education facilities she had once escaped as a teen. After a rough patch between captain Dea and the fleet brass over a security issue in her sector, she chose to retire and go dark in order to help where she felt she could make the most difference.

Resigning her commission, A’Koja established an underground, a way for J’naii young adults in re-education and genetically abnormal J’naii adults living in secret who wanted to leave the planet to get to a safe haven on an undisclosed jungle moon she nick named “Never Never Land” due to the high proportion of teenaged population. She also became heavily involved in a movement to rescue culled, preborn lab fetuses and have them temporarily put into stasis until they could be moved off world and raised on NeverNever. But there were always far too many to save and too many limited resources on NeverNever with which to raise them.

Some of the underground establishment and rescue work she did personally with others in the cause. But she was in a unique position in her revolutionary organization in that she still had a good reputation with the UFP and was a Federation citizen. Using her law degree, A’Koja situated herself in a job on a border patrol vessel as Legal Officer and gained access to ship movements so she could help inform the underground when it was safest to move people and equipment. The underground unfortunately had no ships of their own at the time, so they had to rely on shippers willing to work in the gray shade of legal. Sometimes this backfired and other things got through the borders. But A’Koja was invested in her cause and reasoned the greater good was being served vis a vis the people she was helping to escape and the provisions she was able to supply to their new settlement.

When Will Kang, who had previously served as her Chief of Security on SB60, came to work in the sector as a Special Investigator for Starfleet, they reconnected and worked together on some cases. It was all too easy to get case information from him to further keep her underground out of reach of the long arm of the law.

The arrangement wouldn’t last, however, as one day a smuggler was moving weapons grade nerve gas using her underground network’s information, and she couldn’t bear to compromise and lie any longer. She asked Will’s help. After stopping the threat, Will had to report her, and she had to confess to compromising the security of the Federation's borders.

After plea bargaining, A’Koja Dea was subsequently sentenced to 3 years in prison. She was released on good behavior after 18 months of time served due to spending most of her time eagerly helping the other inmates with legal advice.

Since her release, A'Koja has established practice as a Private Investigator and is doing fairly well with it. She's moving her one-woman firm to Obsidian Command.