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Posted on 30 Mar 2024 @ 9:29pm by Lieutenant JG Kastor Aslanov MD

Mission: M4 - Falling Out
Location: Kastor Aslanov's Quarters
Timeline: Following "Trust but Verify"
1270 words - 2.5 OF Standard Post Measure

"You, my son came as a bit of a surprise to me, clearly."

The packages he'd had sent to his quarters were strewn messily all over the floor, and he was busy unpacking one of them. The Moses basked that he'd purchased was a thing of beauty, woven from strips of cloth. Some of them, were the reedy grey of the plant itself. Others were a tie dyed blue and green that drew the eye in patterns. A soft mat of a similar grey he settled into the bottom of the basket and secured with a clip. There was a foot that he could settle the basket on, and that would vibrate or rock depending on what the child needed at any one given time. There were two sturdy handles that he could use to carry the basket or rock it manually should he wish to. It could also double as a diaper bag if he were carrying the child, but that seemed contrary to his purpose despite what the sales lady had told him. He was probably going to do the nursery in grey with notes of green, white and blue. That way they could easily age up the room with the child as he grew.

Staring down at the baby, whose beautiful deep cornflower blue eyes were open he was startled at the feeling of warmth it brought forth in him. Briefly he wondered if his father had felt the same way, when he'd been born and he'd cradled his firstborn son in the crook of his own arm. He leaned in close to touch noses to the child. Kastor couldn't help but smile, at the slightly unfocused gaze from the tiny baby. The doctor could see a strong resemblance between the babe and his own baby pictures. He'd have to ask his mother for a copy of his year photos so that he could compare them to his son. HIS son. That was definitely going to take some getting used to. Perhaps, he would be interested in comparing himself to his father in time. Kastor certainly was happy with his resemblance to the powerful Sergei Aslanov.

"What shall we name you then? Sergei after your dadushka? That might do, but it means servant. I don't want you to be a servant of anything, except maybe your own dreams. I think you need a strong name, that is entirely your own. Something befitting your potential, and unique like our situation."

"Saints preserve me, what...where do I even begin?" Kastor stroked his fingers through his hair as he mussed his curls into a halo around his head. His stress was showing in his face as he

"Computer, display a list of first names and their meanings. Prioritize Russian Norse and Latin origins and randomize." He turned back to the baby who was looking at the mobile, which spun just out of reach of his hands and chuckled "Papa doesn't like things in alphabetical order unless he has to. You will figure out your own system of organizing things when you are grown. Russian, is obvious my boy, and Latin is there because I like latin names as a whole. I don't know yet what will speak to me for you. I added Norse, because your Babushka is of Nordic descent, and it is her Viking heritage that we get our beautiful blonde curls. Don't ever mention to her that she's starting to silver, she takes that very personally. Babushka is a formidable woman, and she would go to the ends of the universe for you my little man."

The computer display beeped and Kastor drew his eyes to a list of names. The as yet unnamed baby yawned under the soft cover and settled to sleep, his fist up by his cheek.

"Victor, this is self explanatory of course and a good name. This is a good start computer, my compliments. Mikhail, Russian, meaning Who is like God followed by Ivan, Russian again meaning God is gracious. The Gods are gracious indeed, but I believe in more than the single Christian God and don't believe I shall name my son in His honor. Ivan would make your Great grandfather proud, of course but I do not wish to remember him by naming you in his honor. He was not a nice man, and I would be ashamed if you were to turn out as dark hearted as that man."

"Colby. Colby?" The incredulousness in his voice was almost funny as it rose sharply" "Isn't that a type of cheese? No. Definitely not. Roald. Norse meaning famous ruler. This sounds...too old for you my son, while I like its meaning it's tone sounds too formal. You will not be a Roald in this lifetime. I should like for you to be a ruler in all things in your life, but perhaps being famed for your ego is not a good look. I have occasionally found this to be so. I would say that the ladies are hit and miss on this. More miss than hit if I am behing completely honest with you. Perhaps that is why Papa hasn't had a serious lady friend in a while. " His voice was only mildly self deparcating as he stroked the tiny blonde curls on the baby.

"Let us move on to the next one on the list which is Erik. Norse in origin the Old Norse components ei, meaning "ever" or "alone," and ríkr, meaning "rule combining to mean eternal ruler. A strong name, similar to the one prior but one that I like better. I shall keep it in mind. Tyrell, Norse meaning stubborn" Kastor roared with laughter at that, crossing it off the list with one swipe of his finger. He covered his mouth but was amused again to see that the babe slept soundly despite the noise he'd made. "Let us not encourage such behavior, even though I know it is likely in your nature. I do not need Tyr manifest in my quarters making war on my sanity."

"Milek, Russian meaning Victorious People. I like how this sounds, Milek. Milek Aslanov would be a fine name. Milek and Kastor. Yes. I like this very much. Do you like the name Milek?" He touched the baby on his chin, and was rewarded with a moue towards his finger as the baby tried to suckle upon it a reflex he had even in his sleep. He rapidly pulled back, not wanting to wake the child.

"That's not a no, but it's not a resounding yes either. We will keep it in mind, and continue. Nikolai Russian again, meaning victory of the people. We make much about victory in our names, but have not won so many battles in history that that is appropriate. Wishful thinking perhaps, but I don't want you to have two names that mean the same thing so I must take that into account in my choosing. Nikolai also rolls off the tongue nicely with Aslanov. Niko and Kastor also sounds nice. "

He scrolled through the names for a little longer before he found "Leon, latin meaning Lion" A huge smile stretched his lips, as he thought about that for a moment.

He wrote them on the PADD before him Nikolai, Victor, Milek, Eric and Leon. He circled them and moved them around, testing the sound of each combination in his mouth softly as the baby once again slept in the basket that he'd set to rocking gently.

"Computer, please alter the record to say that Baby Boy Aslanov, is named Milek Leon Aslanov."


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