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Major Porter Wallace

Name Porter John Wallace

Position USS Sunrise Survivor

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 134 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description He was an imposing man, but years of captivity have left him a shadow of his former self. His brown hair is peppered with gray and he wears a short beard.

He’s deeply tanned, a consequence of his nine years on Korix.

A number of tattoos decorate his body: dark gray skull and crossbones hang menacingly over the Starfleet Marine emblem on his left shoulder; a banner listing four campaigns and nine engagements hangs down his right rib cage; the name of his deceased first wife, daughter, and parents. Across his upper back in two-inch-tall blocky black letters outlined is a statement: “I Have No Mercy to Give.” His tattoos are faded due to sun exposure.


Spouse Ibis Xeri (partner)
Children Emily Wallace (missing, assumed d. 2373)
Father John Wallace (d. 2375)
Mother Cmdr. Anna Wallace (missing, 2362)
Brother(s) Marcus Wallace (b. 2353)
Other Family Olivia Winetrout (adopted daughter)
Dr. Elizabeth Kountz-Wallace (wife, d. 2373)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wallace’s surface layer personality has shifted like sands on a beach when struck by tidal waves, but at his core he remains loyal and caring though he has expressed those tenets in different ways throughout his life.

His once hair-trigger temper and instinct to wade into the thick of the action with violent intent is now significantly softened by the family he’s formed and the experiences he had on Korix, which gave him a surprisingly thoughtful side. Still, any diplomatic skill he has is blunted by his opinionated and cavalier attitude.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyal
+ Caring
+ Thoughtful
+ Tactical

- Temper
- Diplomacy
- Cavalier
- Opinionated
Ambitions Wallace is finding his place after nine years of as a slave laborer trying to survive. He wants to keep his family safe.
Hobbies & Interests Ironically, he enjoys repairing simple machines. After his rescue he started teaching himself to repair antique watches and clocks.

Personal History If the past makes a man, then Wallace can only say that he is five or six different people crammed into one body, like a Trill without the symbiont.

Porter John Wallace has lived, killed, nearly died, lived, and nearly died again. Born in Los Angeles, California to the artist, John A. Wallace, and a Starfleet officer, Anna Wallace, Porter Wallace’s life was normal for the most part. He would run around the house and dream of being some sort of warrior poet, or better yet warrior artist, defending the Federation while at the same time enriching its soul.

His mother disappeared along with the USS Aberdeen before Porter turned fourteen. John tried to raise both his sons alone, and encouraged them to seek careers outside Starfleet. Porter’s younger brother Marcus eventually decided to become a lawyer, but Porter followed out his life-long dream and entered the Starfleet Academy, choosing the Starfleet Marine Corps track. At the time, before the Borg and the Dominion, the Corps was comparatively small, and officers were trained with secondary focuses in security, operations, or a science. Porter chose geology, both out of curiosity and the desire to literally know the land.

Before the turbulent 2370s disrupted his life, Porter was quite content. He married a young doctor, Elizabeth, who’d he met on his first assignment and they had a child together in 2373. Porter led a small unit of Marines during working hours or helped with geological surveys. Everything he’d imagined had come true. For a short time, he convinced himself that nothing would ever change.

Porter’s life began to unravel during the Battle of Sector 001. Elizabeth, temporarily assigned to another ship, was killed in the fighting when her ship was destroyed. A few months later, the families onboard Porter’s ship were ordered off by Starfleet in preparation of the coming Dominion War. His daughter, Emily, and the rest of the people aboard the transport never reached their destination.

Heartbroken and angry, he blamed everyone for his woes, but at first he had an outlet channeling all his hatred into fighting the Dominion. His unit was thrown into the thick of the ground fighting across the ever shifting front. He pushed his Marines, and they became known as a company that never retreated and could be counted on to do the near impossible. During fighting on Kolandra IV, Wallace lost the last friend who’d known him before the War.

His friend had been his conscience and his crutch, but with him gone he spun wildly out of control. The brutality he exacted on anyone who gave him a reason soon became a problem. A peacekeeping mission gone wrong found Porter at the center of a JAG investigation. He skirted serious repercussions when unsavory details and actions of the senior officer in charge came to light. Starfleet quietly dropped the investigation, but Porter was reprimanded, demoted, and sent to the USS Nimitz to command a very small unit.

On board the USS Nimitz, Wallace continued his antics. His viciousness continued, more reprimands came, and he attempted to push everyone away. One young woman, however, somehow managed to break through his emotional armor. Porter found himself deeply caring about what happened to Ibis Xeri. They became close friends and, with her encouragement, began working with the ship’s counselor to begin to heal.

They spent nearly ten years together on the two different ships. An odd couple to be sure, the friendship grew into one of the closest relationships he ever had. Despite her stated interest in becoming more, he quickly shut that down. He couldn’t imagine a romance working with someone like him, with all the baggage he’d bring to any relationship.

A few months later, they were stranded, virtually enslaved, on Korix.
Service Record 2370 – Graduated Starfleet Academy, Promoted 2nd Lieutenant
2370-2372 – USS Canterbury, Marine Detachment XO, Promoted 1st Lieutenant
2372-2373 – USS Europa, Marine Detachment CO
2373-2377 – Kilo Company CO, 3rd Battalion, 110th Marine Regiment, 8th Division
2374 – Promoted Captain
2377-2379, 2nd Marine Diplomatic Support Battalion
2379 – Temporarily Relieved due JAG investigation
2379 – Reprimanded and Demoted to First Lieutenant
2380-2389 – USS Nimitz, Marine Detachment CO
2383 – Promoted Captain
2389 – Promoted Major
2390 – Assigned, USS Sunrise, Marine Detachment CO and Mission Specialist