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Major Minka Mazur, MD (*)

Name Minka Justyna Mazur, MD (*)

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5’1”
Weight 108lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Minka is the physical embodiment of the stereotypical ballerina; she is short, petite and seemingly diminutive, at least in terms of her physical stature.

Speaks with a noticeable Polish accent that comes out more profoundly as she becomes irritated with a situation, or after prolonged periods of isolation in which she speaks to herself in her native language. Federation Standard is her third language, having learned Czech first.

Is a cold authoritarian who does not smile, simper, or bat her eyelashes to get her points across. Minka could easily use her outward beauty and feminine charm to get that across, but that's not who she is. She's a structured, rigid and unforgiving leader that expects perfection and provides it herself.

Currently six months pregnant.


Spouse Ptolemy Cumberland
Children Adelajda (Ada) Cumberland (3)
Father Izaak Mazur, Ph.D (dec.), Gabris Dvorak, MD (step)
Mother Anastazie Mazur, MD, Ph.D (53)
Brother(s) Petr Mazur, Ph.D [Psychology] (33 - natural), Vilem Dvorak (25 - step)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Minka comes from a Medical background. Both her father, mother and step-father are Physicians in their own rights and so she has been immersed in that world since before she could walk. In fact, she can't remember a time when she didn't want to become a Doctor like her parents. Most thought that hearing a three year old tell you 'she was going to be a doctor' was funny, but that smile generally faded when a child proved to be wiser than her years by adding 'so no one elses Papa dies early'. Young Minka might have been interested in medicine by a young age, but the passing of her father had turned that interest into a raging fire. A fire that, to date, has not diminished.

The loss of her father forced Minka to grow up early and fast. Her mother, despite her extensive medical experience and her own diagnoses of her issues, had a hard time coming to terms with the loss of her husband. Caring for a 3 year old and nearly one year old was almost impossible for her leaving Minka to have to step up in ways that no one should ever expect a 3 year old to. Ultimately, it was seeing her 3 year old trying to carry her brother and change his diapers that brought Anastazie back to reality and got her to the help she knew she needed. But that forced maturity so young set Minka on the path that she would follow the rest of her life.

She is a study in absolutes. Minka gives every ounce of herself into her work; studying and refining her knowledge and skills as a Physician. She gives every second she has to her patients and to solving their problems, even if the answer she has for them is not what they want to hear. She does not suffer fools and inepts well, and is absolute in her judgement of them to the point that redemption is not a concept she is capable of anymore. But just the same she loves with the same absolute commitment and nearly reckless abandon. Minka's commits absolutely to whatever she's doing, and the notion of how the other aspects of her life might intersect with that are not of a concern to her - once she's committed, she's in.

Anyone who works with Minka knows she's a hard-nosed, cold authoritarian who pushes everyone for perfection and never lets her hair down. Not even for a moment. They call her 'cold-hearted', among other choice words, and cannot fathom how a woman as sharp, cold and emotionless as Minka could have a home life with anyone. Who would put up with her? They simply can't reconcile that the Minka on duty is not the Minka at home - the woman who's committed wholly to her partner and loves with such abandon that when she's with him - nothing else matters.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength's:
- An unparalleled diagnostician.
- Pharmacology, Cardiology, Trauma Surgery
- Leadership. It's not the most socially accepted way to get results, but she's such a driven individual and such a cold authoritarian that those under her charge perform above standards.
- Marksmanship

- Bedside manner. She's cold and to the point, softening only on news of a terminal nature, but even then only to a degree. Minka's about the facts, the truth and how to heal. She's not interested in coddling.
- Psychology. The abstract nature of the diagnoses challenges her understanding of medicine and so focuses on segments that can be more readily quantified empirically.
- Warmth. Minka's not a social creature (outside of home) and it creates tension oftentimes, and gives her the impression of being 'cold-hearted'. Not many can see past that.
Ambitions Minka's ambition has always been to be a Doctor so that she could help save lives like her Father's, who could still be alive had he been in the hands of a skilled Physician.

Her added ambition as life has gone on, is to raise her family and continue to build it with her partner.
Hobbies & Interests Ballet. Her mother put her in ballet as a child to try and counter her sudden maturity - to bring her back to her youth and let her be a child again. Minka took to the ballet, though it didn't have the effect her mother had hoped it would, it instead became her outlet for her frustrations. She never entertained doing it professionally, though she is very good at it. Minka uses it now as a form of exercise and as a way to release her stresses for the day.

Gardening. Ptolemy has convinced her that she needs to find an outlet that is more nurturing and far-sighted than she's used to and so they've been gardening together. It's proven a good chance for them to spend time together and become closer.

As unlikely as it is, she's a competitive knife thrower. On Falkirk, she placed 2nd in the overall base competition and (by her account) because of a technicality.

Personal History Minka was born in Kłodzko, Poland to two Psychiatrists: Izaak and Anastazie. She was the first of two children between Izaak and Anastazie, but their family of four was short lived. During a hiking trip in the countryside west of Kłodzko, Izaak and his companions were accosted by a small group of Maquis who had escaped Federation custody. One of Izaak's companions was a member of Starfleet and so a confrontation ensued in which Izaak was shot. The Maquis fled and his friends hurried Izaak back to Kłodzko, but there was no one with the experience to treat the wound (despite it being relatively simple), with the one Doctor in the area only making it worse. By the time Federation Medical Services could arrive, Izaak had died. His death sparked a massive change in FMS planning and services in the area and nearly drove Anastazie mad with grief now left to raise two children on her own. Anastazie nearly disappeared into despair until she saw her eldest daughter, at three years old, trying to feed, bath and change the diapers of her 1 year old brother. it was the awakening she needed to stop her self-pity and get the help she knew she needed. In subsequent years she would be come an advocate for those like her who were more than capable of understanding what their problem was, but unable to see past their own grief to heal.

Her mother enrolled her early in Ballet to try and counter sudden maturity and give her back a life as a child, but while Minka adored the ballet, all it did was give her an outlet for her frustrations. The maturity she'd gained after her fathers death, and the drive it gave her to want to become a Doctor was irreversible. By six, Minka had insisted she be allowed to join the Junior Federation Medical Corps and dove into that as completely as she did her ballet.

Kłodzko was where she was born, and where her mother wanted to raise her kids, but the loss of Izaak had brought forth an inquisition from the local authorities, pressing Anastazie and Izaak's Starfleet friend (Yates Trila) on how exactly they'd been set upon by Maquis, why they had provoked them and why they had put the local population at risk. They wanted to hold Izaak responsible for his own death and forced Anastazie to have to defend her husband's death as an accident with Yates assistance. Minka refused to believe her father was in any way responsible, but she was picked on mercilessly at school by the children of the local administrators who turned the other students against them. Minka was made of stronger stuff than that, so it didn't bother her, but when they turned that same attention on her younger brother, she changed dramatically. In the course of a semester, Minka went from the quiet, confident ballet star to the unmitigated bulldog on the playground. The other kids thought they could pick on Petr with no consequence, and Minka answered that by putting them into the infirmary, with that all coming to a head when she put the daughter of the administrator leading the inquisition against Yates and her late father into the Infirmary with a broken arm and three missing teeth. That was bad enough, of course, but when the administrator came to their home, expecting to bully her mother into following his demands on the inquest, he made the mistake of forcing himself into their house. Minka shot him with her father's phase pistol, winging him in the shoulder and sending him running from the house. Federation Security sided with Anastazie and Minka in that the shooting was justified as the administrator had bullied his way into their home, but that didn't help things with the local government and so Anastazie made the difficult decision to leave Kłodzko and move to Warsaw nearer to Izaak's mother. Minka, for her part, threw herself farther into her ballet and found a new group of local FMC scouts.

Her mother's expectation was that things would settle down in Warsaw and while that was true to a degree, the confrontations in Kłodzko had brought forth an aggressive streak in Minka that not only seemed as if it wasn't going anywhere, but was growing. Minka was smart, very well read and extremely eager to help but she was aggressive and didn't deal with others who were two-faced or were trying to make her look bad for the sake of themselves. At such a young age she hadn't worked out how to work that out with her words, and so she fought, and she nearly always won. Of course, she was so stubborn a fighter she didn't give up even when it was obvious she wasn't winning. It was only the threats from the Ballet Director that sunk in with Minka and forced her to learn to mitigate the conflicts until absolutely necessary as she wouldn't be able to dance if she was bruised up, and she wouldn't be able to dance at all if she fought with the dance company. It was the kick in the pants she needed to find her path and stay on it. Over the course of her remaining primary education years, Minka continued to dance with the ballet, travelling all over the world for shows. She was one of their better ballerina's, but not the best though her director insisted she could be if she'd just drop the FMC scouts taking up the balance of her free time. But it was in the FMC that she interned in three different hospitals, spent five weeks aboard the SS Mercy and had met all the required educational metrics to be a registered Nurse within the Federation - once she was of legal age.

Because of her affiliation with the FMC Scouts, Starfleet took a keen and early interest in Minka. So much so that an Academy representative had more than once come to speak with Anastazie to discuss how they might further groom Minka for admittance into the Academy and on into Starfleet Medical in whatever choice of medical field she desired. But while they were interested in her, they had concerns for her aggressive tendencies and were insistent that Minka had to put those wholly in check before she could be admitted. So Anastazie did what any mother would do and tried everything she could to simmer her daughter down and get her admitted to the Academy. The only problem with Starfleet and her mother's plan was - Minka wanted nothing to do with Starfleet. She'd seen enough of how they operate, how they handled people like the Maquis (who had killed her father) and even her father's friend Yates had shown her just how yellow (in her opinion) Starfleet really was. She wanted nothing to do with them. Minka was a fighter, and she always had been, so she'd decided long before even being approached by Starfleet that she was going to join the Marine Corps.

Minka was already in top physical condition because of her dancing, and in the upper tier of her graduating class so meeting the requirements for Starfleet Academy was not an issue for her on either front so it stood to reason to her that she had the necessary physical and academic acumen to get into the Marine Academy - Thunder Ridge. So at her mother's suggestion she take the train to Paris to go and speak with the Starfleet Academy representative, Minka took the train ride but instead of finding him, she made her way to the Marine Corps command station and started the process of applying to Thunder Ridge. She expected it would take time, and that she would hear back from the Corps on whether or not she was eligible, but given that Starfleet Academy had already vetted her and her representative had secured her admittance the Marine Corps didn't require any further vetting and admitted her on the spot - granted she graduated from her high school program as expected. She returned home, but didn't tell her mother immediately as she knew how unpopular the decision was going to be. In fact, she didn't tell her mother until the Starfleet rep came to the house - upset with Anastazie for not telling him that Minka had applied to Thunder Ridge too. It was news to her mother, but when Minka explained to the rep and her mother why she wanted nothing to do with Starfleet, her mother accepted it. Starfleet certainly didn't, but her mother did and to Minka that was all that mattered.

Upon graduation, Minka enrolled at Thunder Ridge and took the long flight from Sol out into the darkness of space to the Marine Corps school where there was no Starfleet at all - only Marines, and found that she absolutely loved the way the Corps did... well everything. She loved the clean lines, the sharp angles, the neatly squared away everything and most importantly, loved that while they were part of the Federation and exalted their ideals, they were prepared to fight tooth and nail to protect in ways that Starfleet couldn't even fathom. She loved every single facet of being a Marine. MInka proved particularly adept in leadership roles, pushing her Marines with her naturally cold authority and attention to perfection. They didn't love they way they did some other leaders, but they followed her without question knowing that it was getting done right. But still her strong suit was anything medical and while she didn't finish at the top of her class as a Marine, she was the top of her medical division. The Corps had slotted her for advanced medical training by the second year and by graduation she was a lock for the few slots that they had available from Starfleet Medical. They offered her the opportunity to study as a counselor, considering her parentage, but Minka insisted that she go for full medical with an emphasis on trauma medicine. Her goal had always been to be a Physician, the kind that could have treated her father, and that wasn't going to happen if she was a counselor.
Service Record 2376 - g-blank.pngEnrolls at SFMC Academy - Thunder Ridge
2380 - g-o1.pngGraduates Thunder Ridge - Transferred to Starfleet Medical.
2384 - g-o2.pngGraduates Starfleet Medical - Transferred to Camp Solstice, Titan - Medical Residency.
2385 - g-o2.pngTransfer to Camp Andoria, Andor - Medical Residency
2386 - g-o3.pngCompletion of Medical Residency - Transferred to FOB Firewalker, Tholian Border - Medical Officer
2390 - g-o3.pngPromoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer - FOB Firewalker
2390 - g-o3.pngDaughter Ada born.
2393 - g-o4.pngTransferred to Camp Falkirk, Catus XI - Chief Medical Officer
2396 - g-o4.pngAt the request of Starfleet, and Starfleet Medical, transferred to Obsidian Command - Chief Medical Officer.