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Out Of Character Awards

Award Reason
Obsidian Fleet Spotlight Obsidian Fleet Spotlight
Awarded 01 Jan 2024 @ 10:58am
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
M3 - "Stranger on the Shore"
A great collaboration between three writers, who worked together to reveal, through light touches, the existence of a lost UFP Marshal whom no one knew about. Through the tenacity of Chief Deputy Marshal Steiner and the somewhat reluctant cooperation of Major Wallace and CPO Xeri, the mysterious officer’s life is brought to the fore, with the use of an immersive flashback, coloured by Bajoran culture. (entered retroactively, Awarded July '23)
Obsidian Fleet Spotlight Obsidian Fleet Spotlight
Awarded 01 Jan 2024 @ 11:09am
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
M3 - "Homecoming"
This is the post that sees the USS Pathfinder back to Obsidian Command. There is a sense of relief, the return to safety and a place they call home. For Major Porter Wallace and Chief Petty Officer Ibis Xeri it’s a moment that signals the end of their ordeal. There is however, one more hurdle to go through: an official reception by the Marine Corps, and no one is going to escape this honour.

It is a post that shows Starfleet at its best, and what happens when two heroes finally make it back home. (entered retroactively. Awarded Aug '23)
Sim Feature Post Sim Feature Post
Awarded 02 Jan 2024 @ 7:33pm
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
Sim Feature Post: “Better to Give”
An enjoyable read, in the spirit of the festive season, where we are reminded that it is better to give than to receive. A heart-warming notion which is illustrated with a family reunion where the gifts that are given have been selected with great care.
Limited Issue Award Limited Issue Award
Awarded 04 Mar 2024 @ 5:48pm
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
Khitomer Awards: Character of the Quarter Awarded for oct-dec ‘23
Nikki – Ibis Xeri
Chief Petty Officer Ibis Xeri is a complex and realistic character whose strengths and weaknesses are depicted with sharp realism, bringing out a personality that is both gentle and fierce. What we see in her posts is a brave and intelligent woman who has been able to survive several years in a harsh environment that nearly destroyed her. Thankfully there was always a spark of hope, which paid when she, and the members of her little group, were rescued by Starfleet.
Xeri is a perfect example of show, don’t tell. Whether she comes victorious after a difficult battle or she struggles with her return to normal life, her writer doesn’t just gloss over the difficulties her character is facing. Her physical and psychological scars are explored minutely, and yet she never comes across as needy or unpleasant. The balance is perfect and the reader is left with the vivid portrait of a survivor, whose flaws are as important as her qualities.
Adding another dimension to this well-rounded character, Xeri also takes care of two minors (her npcs) who are portrayed equally brilliantly. This gives us the bad moods you can expect from a teen, and the buoyancy of a boy.
posts referenced: A loss For Words; Sugar, Tea, and Surprises; Shrine of Memory; Breaking the News; Becoming Unglued