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Community Engagement

This player shows continued presence in the RPG community, building out-of-character camaraderie and welcoming and engaging others. The player is available and approachable and makes the game a delight overall. (OOC, Sim or Fleet or Inter-organization community activity)

Category: Out of character
Awarded: 3 times

27 Mar 2022 @ 4:04pm
Fleet Recognition, OF Day '21:
Paul is more than dedicated, he makes all the best that Trek has to offer personal, and infects us all with it. He works to make everyone else better. Speak to anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing him, and you will find him a beacon of positivity and encouragement with a depth of skill, knowledge and passion that every one of us should aspire to. He came back to simming excited to make a difference and carry forward the belief in the best Trek has. (Obsidian's Outstanding Player Award)
Paul makes himself present to encourage others and to keep conversation light and lively. He's always ready to share about movies, games, and television across a host of franchises and genres. He often brings in playful memes or little challenges and conversation starters. These seem like little things, but it's just the kind of stuff that keeps people talking and coming to know one another better, taking off the pressure and letting everyone have equal opportunity to share. Whenever possible I've witnessed Paul quietly seek to understand people coming from different perspectives and always build up and bridge gaps wherever there are differences. Overall he's very humble about himself, if maybe to a fault as the best people tend to be.
(Obsidian’s Community Engagement Award)
Tara Pollreisz
27 Mar 2022 @ 10:13am
Tara is a regular positive presence in OOC discussions, sharing her thoughts, her favorite links, and encouraging others. Her presence adds a bright note to the sim’s discord!
27 Mar 2022 @ 10:10am
Becca is a regular in the sim’s discord, encouraging and engaging with others. Further, she always brings her best in the larger sim community- not only is she a star, but glows up the other stars around her, providing them opportunities to shine.