Obsidian Command


M4 - Falling Out

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The USS Pathfinder returns to Obsidian Command with a boatload of issues for the UFP and Starfleet to face... both from within and without. The station plays host to the discussions.

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Ongoing Mission - Station Life

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Ongoing Mission for all those posts non-related to the main mission, that happen on the station.

Ongoing Mission - Area of Operations

Post Count: 12

For mission posts in the wider area of Obsidian Command space not part of the main mission.

Ongoing Mission - Planet Obsidian

Post Count: 30

For all mission posts that happen on Obsidian, not related to the main mission.

M5 - Unchained

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M1 - Emergence

Post Count: 103

After 18 months in a spatial void, Obsidian Command returns to normal space.

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M2 - Sanctuary

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After the station was sabotaged, and taken offline, Starfleet came to the rescue. Now the crew of Obsidian Command has brought the station fully online and is now beginning the long, slow process of rebuilding. Both inside and out.

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M3 - Into the Deep

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Captain DeHavilland and the crew of the Pathfinder found the debris of a strange bit of wreckage.

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