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Post Summaries March '23

Posted on 03 Apr 2023 @ 10:16pm by Commander Calliope Zahn


Prep Time
Estasi helps tidy and organize sickbay to pristine and exacting levels. (Sara)

Tea and Conspiracy
Sylvie and A'Koja chat a while and among other things, discuss the proposition of a certain Ferengi Art Dealer, angling to become Civilian Affairs Director. (Nikki)

Ibn Sharjar: The Nine Stones of the Oasis of the Nine Stones
Ibn Sharjar cools himself from the heat of the day, perched on an infamous old rock. (Polar)

Operation Introduction
Limmi Ovim meets Sibyl Danzer and they catch up on everything about the current tactical situation, but the conversation is limited by some red tape, some of which is slightly alleviated by the offer of a promotion to Ovim's deputy department head. (Em, Nikki)

I Know Who You Are
Brek Learns something about his lineage, thanks to a mysterious threat. Bad news isn't all bad, is it? (Spiral)

Logistical Limitations
Calliope's in a quandary about how to get around some logistical limitations without stepping on the Captain's toes. Lucky for her, she married a genius. (Nikki, Sep)

Where Things Were Left
Rice and Moon pick up where they left off, more or less, when Moon shows up on the station to surprise him. (David)

Late Night Wake Up Call
It's all hands on deck in the Medical department on the station, when the CMO goes into labor far too soon. (Sep)

Medical Report
After a gruelling day in surgery, Dr. Llwyd makes his notes on Dr Mazur's medical outcome. (Sep)

Camp Sunrise: Just One More Day
On Korix, two forgotten castaways, Wallace and Ibis, watch the sunrise and reflect while making the difficult decision to carry on, just one more day. Then make breakfast for the kids. (David, Nikki)

Camp Sunrise: Creek Road
Ibis ponders the past and sings her version of pop songs while gathering water from the creek, until a scream catches her attention. (Nikki)

A History of Currency
Moon recieves a generous gift, but has never had to use currency before and Rice makes an effort to explain. (David)

Camp Sunrise: Senselessness
Ibis internally bemoans her long lost sense of telepathy, and then breaks down while trying to teach Ikemba phonics he will never use. (Nikki)

Camp Sunrise: Pappa's Song
Ikemba makes a request and Ibis reflects on life and traumas suffered in the past nine years as she goes to fetch the makeshift musical instrument for the boy. (Nikki)

Camp Sunrise: The Winetrout Clinic
Ibis thinks back to the loss of the Sunrise and her time spent with her friend Laura before she died and left her daughter behind. Ibis does her best to parent her friend's child. (Nikki)

Camp Sunrise: The Bitter Pill
Ibis and Olivia are reconciled. The youngster is learning to act like a Korin. Ibis has a melancholy reflection on one of her previous attempts to slow down the pollution of the planet, that resulted in the Pyrryx causing the summarily execution of a dozen Irix slaves. She considers suicide, but not today. (Nikki)

Camp Sunrise: Gathering
Ibis strolls along the beach with Ikemba, searching for food. She considers how the flora and fauna on Korix is steadily dying off, poisoned decayed rotting sealife litters the sand. (Nikki)

Ibn Sharjar: The Sky at Night, Stories and Legends
Invites to a mid night event Ibn Shajar learns of the Tej-Ka-Jalfa’s ancient oral history. The legends of how the residents of Obsidian fled there from another world, chased across the stars by Black Giants. (Polar, Nikki)

Sea & Sky: The Briefing
Calliope selects her crew for the Away Team to Korix and briefs them on the mission. Lance’s necklace gift may play a role. (Sep, Nikki, Polar, Tara, Sara)

Under the Crystal Domes
A debate is held in the Sanctuary of Tiss’Kott to discuss the arrival of the Federation starship in orbit. An ambassador is chosen to make contact with the aliens, Uanika. (David)

Camp Sunrise: News Worth the Pain
Wallace receives incredible news from a secret ally amongst the Korinn overseers at the mine: the USS Pathfinder is in orbit. (David)

Emotional Damage
Commander Zayne has to deal with the loss of his friend’s wife, a friend in her own right. Admiral Sepandiyar writes his report on the CMO’s death and considers who could replace her. (Sep)

Camp Sunrise: One Way Ticket Home
Wallace informs the other survivors that there is a Federation ship in orbit. A way home could be coming soon. (David, Nikki)

Camp Sunrise: Orders and Oaths
Wallace digs up a box he stashed in the sand nine years ago, reminisces on his life before Korix and renews his vow to make sure the surviving crew get home. (David)

Going Under
Brek Backstory: Out exploring with his drone on a frozen lake Brek goes through the ice and gets a nasty cold bath, only to be hauled out by a couple of Hewman scientists. But did somebody send him out there on purpose? (Spiral)

Wear and Tear
Brek and Moon have lunch. Moon finds Brek’s new suit to be of poor quality. They pay a visit to the tailors. Moon is not happy with the outcome. (David, Spiral, Polar)

Camp Sunrise: Council of War
The Sunrise survivors receive word the enslaved workers are ready to stage an uprising, leaders have come to seek Wallace’s input on their plan. (Nikki, David)

Sea & Sky: Deathly Quiet
The Pathfinder Away Team takes a Runabout dive into Korix’s oceans. What they find is perplexing. (Sep, Nikki, Polar, Tara, Sara)

Ride-Along: The Hard Way
The Chief of Security’s ride-along on aboard the Wasp goes from routine patrol to action-stations in a heartbeat. (Nikki, Aaron, Chistery)

On the USS Theseus Captain Callum broods over his role as guard dog for the USS Pathfinder, when he really wants to be Cerberus and sink his fangs into something. (Sep)

The Least of These
Young Crewman Recruit Nurse Zuzal gets assigned to be the primary carer for a very special young patient. (Nikki)

Snowed In
Brek Backstory: Brek’s life turns brown, the unpleasant type of brown. After his room is robbed he ends up getting snowed it and faces a miserable night. Until he is called in by his boss… (Spiral)

Proud Mary: Rolling
Work on the Combat Robot continues. It gets a new paint scheme and the ACEO comes down to get his wrenches out. (Polar)

Camp Sunrise: One More Night
Wallace waxes poetic as the couple looks out on the beach for what they hope will be the last day on Korix. (David, Nikki)

Camp Sunrise: Rainbow Bay
Disobeying Wallace's instructions to stay out of the Bay, Olivia makes her own plans, and it’s all going swimmingly until reality sets in. (Nikki)

Signal Loss
The bridge crew on Pathfinder lose contact with the away team on the Acamus. Captain DeHavilland presses her crew to make an effort to locate the team through the many signal interferences below. (Sep, Nikki, Tara)

Marine Lost
Back at Camp Falkirk, General Ian McTaryn is enjoying his haggis when a call interrupts his quiet evening at home. The news about Dr Mazur is a bad blow to her old company. (Sep)

Change of Plans
When imaging returns from an orbital probe, Major Finn recognizes the tell tale signs of a marine field camp among the structures on the ground. The crew cross references the clues with the record of a lost ship, the USS Sunrise. Finn is determined to mount a rescue, but when DeHavilland tells him to get out of her hair, he makes a plan of his own. (Sep, Nikki, Tara)

Camp Sunrise: The Last Option
After Olivia’s close call, the family misses their connection with the z’ala jumpship at the guard station. Wallace has another option, the final option, to get his family off the island. (David, Nikki)

Camp Sunrise: Follow the Rabbit
The situation calls for a distraction, and Wallace is the bait. (David)

Moon needs to deposit her sizable gift so she can open an account from which to begin spending it. There is a very helpful Bolian available at the desk. (David)

Camp Sunrise: Excelsior
Ibis and the kids escape into the storm clouds above, but she leaves her heart on the ground. (Nikki)

Sea & Sky: Welcoming Committee
As they approach the reef at the destination coordinates, the Away Team is treated to a very lively escort who help guide the shuttle to a special Korinn site called Tiss’kot. (Sep, Nikki, Polar, Tara, Sara)

Lance is sent to fetch his wife’s team from the planet below. He’s paired with a couple of ensigns for a task he’s overqualified to perform, but is he really in over his head? (Nikki)


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