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Post Summaries May '23

Posted on 02 Jun 2023 @ 12:47pm by Commander Calliope Zahn


A New Contract
The Romulan Senator and his wife present themselves as uninvited guests at Brek’s table and explain their behavior over the past few days as testing him out, but as they tell Brek the supposed real story behind seeking his assistance, Brek is himself testy. They leave him with a potential contract, nonetheless. (Spiral)

Text Alerts
Prompted by Limmi to stop letting their separation go on indefinitely, Sibyl tries to talk to her estranged husband via text messages. (Nikki)

Marshalling Action
The camp being empty, Steiner, Binns, and Johannes try following a starfleet signal trace up the mountain side, requiring scaling a cliff. Steiner makes it over the top, despite this not being his bailiwick. (Sep, Polar)

Collapsing Line
Steiner and the boys connect up with the Marine operations. Steiner arranges to use some of his crowd control marshaling techniques to get a word in edgewise against the Pyrryx's agent race. Tahriik gets a trophy to bring home. When the Z’ala see their gods are mortal, the tides turn. (Sep, Polar)

Pep Talk
In his backstory, Young Brek’s Ganny, Ara, tries to set his feet on the Golden Path. (Spiral)

The Unknowns
Much confusion results when the Acamas returns and Captain DeHavilland tries to get caught up with Commander Zahn. Back on the bridge, the consensus is that there isn’t one concerning the timing of a Pyrryx response to the planet’s uprising. (Sep, Nikki, David)

Musical Chairs
Pyrryx are spotted in the Korix system and Corvus, interested in taking the Pathfinder into the storm to try to recover the remaining Marines and away teams, finds herself the most qualified pilot on the bridge for the ill-advised maneuver. The enemy gives pursuit, but luckily the Demophon makes her own way back, laden with everyone from the ground. (Sep, Nikki, Tara)

A Rift Between Us
The Pyrryx craft rises out of the storm to fire some torpedoes. When Tahriik takes out the warheads, an unfortunate side effect splits subspace and begins a tear that threatens to destroy Korix and the rest of the star system. Quick decisions must be made, but some of the crew is divided on the action to be taken. (Sep, Nikki, Polar, Tara)

Shadow Games
Plot twist. Someone has been watching, this whole time. (Sep)

The Strength to Stand
Olivia manages to stand when Ibis can’t. They’re escorted to guest quarters. (Nikki)

The Tyranny of Art
Brek’s commission comes back, and the artist has taken some liberties with the spec. Meanwhile, the help has taken some other liberties with the settings of Brek’s holo assistant. Frustrated with everyone’s creativity, Brek discourages his young assistant. (Spiral)

Ibis is grieving. She manages to come to her senses enough to put the kids through a shower. But when the ship goes to red alert fear motivates her to search out safety for the kids; unfortunately she’s disoriented. (Nikki)

Flight Risk: Check In
Yuliette is still waiting for her case to be reviewed. She braves her way to the Security check on the Promenade to present herself to the Marshal for a check in on her probation. Deputy T’sai recommends that Yuliette follow up her request for asylum directly with the Diplomatic Office. (Polar, Nikki)

Twice Told Tales
Continuing Backstory: Young Brek goes book shopping, with an ulterior motive and an accomplice (Spiral)

A Shadow Revealed
The USS Alabama intervenes in an uncertain moment, before USS Pathfinder can make a last ditch and possibly self sacrificial move. But now the crew has to try to secure all knowledge and reference to the Alabama’s presence to preserve the black op recon. (Sep, Nikki, Polar, Tara)

The following day, Calliope checks in on her borrowed pilot, Gunnarsen, who had fainted when the turbulence was kicking up aboard the Acamas. (Nikki, Tara)

Ibis witnesses the SF/Marines medevac returning from combat. She discovers they’ve recovered her own Marine who is being treated by Dr. Corduke, and Steiner makes sure she’s safe before he returns to the bridge. (Sep, Nikki, Polar)


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