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Post Summaries June '23

Posted on 02 Jul 2023 @ 8:52pm by Commander Calliope Zahn
Edited on 02 Jul 2023 @ 9:22pm


Subspace Fissures and Other Marital Problems
Commander Zahn admonishes Lieutenant Commander Quinn for his failure to obey orders during the recent combat, officially between superior and subordinate officers. The discussion becomes personal, between wife and husband. It does not end well. (Nikki)

Surveying the Damage
In her Ready Room DeHavilland contemplates recent events and what might have happened had not the Alabama arrived. She is joined by Zahn and the pair review the fall out. There is damage to repair, to machines and personnel. There will also be consequences for the actions of Lieutenant Commander Quinn. DeHavilland knows the crew need to see her on the decks. (Sep, Nikki)

Ibn Sharjar: Stars on the Rocks, Choices to Make
In the bleak Lethini Deadlands Ibn Sharjar finds ancient celestial pictographs and rooms carved from the solid rock of the Pillar of the Moon. Young members of the Tej-Ka-Jalfa select the signs and symbols they will bear for life.(Polar, Nikki)

Ibn Sharjar: Obsidian, Blood, and Ashes
Within the caverns of the Pillar of the Moonthe Tribe’s Spiritual Priestess bestows the young with their scars, in honor of their legendary leader. (Polar)

Surgical Progression
Doctor Corduke of the Theseus finds himself outside of his specialism as Trauma Surgical Lead aboard the Pathfinder. There are numerous injured personnel requiring treatment, including two Marine Majors; the seriously injured Declan Finn and the gravely wounded Wallace Potter. (Sep)

Our Souls to Keep
Safe aboard the Pathfinder Ibis, Ikemba and Olivia are exhausted. Ibis fears it will all somehow still be snatched away. She finds one thread of hope to share with Olivia: she saw Wallace being brought aboard and he was still alive, but for how long? (Nikki)

Turbo Lifts Go Up and Down
Steiner discusses who might be behind the actions of Captain Bowdler with the Pathfinder’s Security crew, then runs into Zahn on the turbolift, after her meeting with DeHavilland. She is still unhappy with his actions on Korix, frustrations are expressed and the air is cleared. The lift moves on. (Polar, Nikki)

House Call
After her Ready Room meeting with Zahn, DeHavilland sets out to tour the ship. First stop is to the Sunrise survivor and descendants. Ibis hands over the survivors’ most treasured possession, a data recorder from the Sunrise and a record of last messages home for the crew, that they managed to keep safe and hidden all the years on Korix. As they part, Ibis’s gratitude forces DeHavilland to revisit her decision forbidding Finn from leading a Marine rescue team down to the planet. (Sep, Nikki)

Not on Korix Anymore
Steiner bumps into Ibis and her two young charges in the Mess Hall. A chance remark by a sulky teenager reveals there may have been a mysterious Federation Marshal who died from serious injuries shortly after his arrival. Steiner is intrigued and motivated to learn more. (Polar, Nikki)

The Choice
The almost, but not completely, dead Wallace drifts into a dream, encountering his late wife, Elizabeth, and host of people whose lives he has impacted over the years. After some sweet reminiscing of times past, Elizabeth presents him with a choice, stay with her and them or return to a life with Ibis. He awakes to find Ibis by his beside. (David)

Catchup with Breakfast
Continuing with her busy morning. Zahn pulls Haille into a breakfast meeting, she needs an update on events aboard the Pathfinder since her departure for Korix the day before and they need to arrange a new duty roster to cover injured personnel. Haille brings her up to speed, some of the news is surprising. (Nikki, Tara)

Memories of a Bearcat, Long Ago
As Wallace comes to briefly, something he mentions triggers an old memory for Ibis of another time when Wallace put his life on the line for her. He asks something incoherent as Ibis tucks him in to get more rest. (David, Nikki)

Not Part of the Picture
Not even counting and re-counting his latinum can cheer Brek up, as his thoughts wander to the woman of his daydreams. But a call does interrupt him, bringing interesting news of an old friend. (Spiral)

Cinnamon Sympatico
After saying goodnight to Wallace, Ibis spends the evening staring out the viewport in the Mess Hall. She’s joined by Ethan Gunnersen who brings tea and conversation. (Tara, Nikki)

First Officers Club
Commander Faye Magnolia, XO of the Theseus, pays a visit to the Pathfinder. She and Commander Zahn figure out how to account for the missing sensor records and manage the story the crew will be told to limit themselves to. (Sep, Nikki)

New Adventures
Wallace wakes up in Sickbay to find he has a young visitor, Olivia, who relates she is finding modern civilized life aboard a starship somewhat confusing and generally disagreeable. Wallace assures her it’s really the start of a whole new adventure! (David, Nikki)

In Repair
Continuing her tour of the ship, Captain DeHavilland stops by Sickbay and talks with some of the injured. A reminder of the burdens and loneliness of the command leads to a frank discussion with the wounded Finn. Emotions are near the surface until interrupted by Doctor’s Rounds, and Corduke has troubling information cornering the Pyrryx cadaver. (Sep)

Ibn Sharjar: In the Trickster’s light, a path revealed
Before sunrise Ibn Sharjar finds himself high up on a ledge on the cliffs of the Pillar of the Moon, when the dawn light reveals a spectacular secret on the barren obsidian plain below.(Polar)

Steiner: Unable to connect
Intrigued and motivated by the information a fellow Marshal may have been murdered on Korix, Steiner starts putting together an investigation.A lack of subspace communication leads to frustration and a vow. (Polar)

After being rejected for a commission by Brek, Kyrill is drawing in the environmental deck when Zuzal stops to talk. They range around on topics of meaning to them, and have the chance to share. (Spiral, Nikki)

The Missing Piece
The captured pyrryx body turns up missing, but thanks to some preliminary scans, the cat is out of the bag on just what was inside the nightmare armor (Sep)

Solid Ferengi Ground
In his backstory, Brek trades insults with the boss’ daughter, only to find himself assigned to work on the boss’ automated insect farming island with a certain someone. (Spiral)

A New Home
Samual and Krosin Johnson watch as their transport ship arrives at the station they will now make a home together on. They settle into their quarters and prepare to check in for their first day of work. (Zach- DEBUT POST)

Up to Speed on the Dockyard
Samual Johnson is introduced to S’Jath and after a brief interview begins his duties as a Project Manager, though his duties will include helping to make up for the station’s short staff, and maybe some flight lessons to brush up on his skills. (Polar, Zach)

Two Views
Calliope and Lance spend an evening far apart together.(Nikki)

Moon’s mother finds out where her daughter is and has some strong opinions about her life choices and some assertions about what is going to happen next to rectify the situation. (David)

Castles in the Sand
After a difficult time with some medical evaluations for the children, Ibis tries to settle them back into their quarters. Ikemba is leaping from the furniture, while Olivia asks her questions surrounding the family video Wallace gave her access to. (Nikki)

Leave Our Problems Behind
Corvus pays Ensign Tilmer a visit in Engineering, reassuring him that he’s in charge of the department and signing off on his plan to shed some damaged hull plates as part of the evidence cover up. (Sep, Nikki)


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