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Post Summaries Aug '23

Posted on 03 Sep 2023 @ 7:50pm by Commander Calliope Zahn

August 2023 : Post Summaries

Ibn Sharjar:The wheel finds the way
When the party of beetle riders loses their way in the storm on the desert plain, they must use a specially devised maneuver to locate the direction home, before it’s too late and they risk deadly exposure. (Polar)

When the Pathfinder returns to the station, there is no ordinary welcome waiting at the airlock. The Marines put the polish on both blades and brass for a proper homecoming. (Sep, Nikki, David)

Steiner: Back on the Beat
Turning over the reigns in Security on the Pathfinder, Steiner switches back into Marshal mode on the station. (Polar)

Read In Now back aboard the station, Corvus checks back in with Admiral Sepandiyar. (Sep)

Going the Extra Mile
Brek’s Bodyguard critiques his design flair in creating a room for his soon arriving Grandmother and artist friend. In the end Brek agrees and accepts a little computer inspired assistance. Then goes gift shopping! (Spiral)

End M3, Begin M4

DoE or DoE not, There is No Try
On Earth, a new team of diplomats convenes quickly within the Department of the Exterior to prepare to travel to Obsidian Command and help to negotiate the situation with the Korinn delegates requesting to become a UFP protectorate. (David, Nikki)

Hasperat First
At the reception on the Marine Decks, a peculiar Marine shares a plate of Charcuterie with Ibis. (Nikki)

The Family Business
Eric Minton introduces himself to Ibis Xeri and shares something he thinks their families of circumstance have in common. (Nikki)

Finally able to reconnect in person, Calliope and Tane HaiRoa do some catching up over lunch. (Polar, Nikki)

Badmiral and the Gang
Vice-Admiral Brigid Harshman get her team together to prepare to convene on Obsidian Command and discuss assisting with the Korinn situation… as long as no military aid is expected. (David, Spiral, Tara)

All Aboard
The express slipstream ship, USS Cassiopeia, makes orbit of Earth and beams up her next load of passengers. (David, Spiral, Polar, Nikki)

We Are One
T’Sheng, Vulcan aide to Admiral Harshman, takes ten minutes to discuss her daughter’s future with her husband over a subspace call.(Spiral)

Lance and Calliope set out for a Dinner date, and Lance is disinterested in distractions along the way. (Nikki)

Design Changes
HaiRoa has the design team demonstrate the changes made to the recovered attack bot. (Polar, Nikki)

Three Tests (Two Fails One Pass)
As they sit down to their anniversary dinner, it’s all the little things which demonstrate the cracks in the foundation of the relationship… (Nikki)

Stormy Night
When the lights go out at Happy Trails farm, a game of truth or dare distracts the occupants, until there’s a knock at the door…(Spiral)

Transfer of Care
Calliope checks in to OC Sickbay expecting to meet with her primary physician, only to find her case has been reassigned. (Sep, Nikki)

First Officer Zayne has been unable to resolve small inconsistencies in the behaviors of those around him surrounding the Pathfinder, and begins to have some sneaking suspicions. (Sep)

The Impass
As the food is served, Dinner conversation takes a quick nosedive. Despite all of the outward accommodations, Calliope comes to the conclusion that nothing is going to really change, and Lance fails to understand. (Nikki)

Debriefed, Debunked, and Demoralized
Tahriik is questioned about the Pyrryx and their minion race, and the connections he is aware of with Geuraani myth and legend. (Sep)

A client approaches Brek with a portrait commission and Brek, with his ferengi acumen for a deal, prepares a counter move that will backfire on his client in a surprising way. (Spiral)

Dinner is Served
Ensign Azario puts on a dinner for their overnight jaunt to Obsidian Command and the guests interact… with varying degrees of success. (Polar, David, Spiral, Nikki)

A Room with a View
Wallace and Ibis stay long at the party’s after party with the Marines until the kids get tired and moody and a counselor, is sent to show them their new VIP accommodations, a room with a special view. (David, Nikki)

Branzino de Alstroemeria
Corvus spends an evening to herself, having dinner and tending her plants and accepting an unexpected delivery. (Sep)


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