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Post Summaries Sept '23

Posted on 02 Oct 2023 @ 9:44pm by Commander Calliope Zahn
Edited on 02 Oct 2023 @ 10:42pm

September 2023 : Post Summaries

Ride-Along: The Rabbit Warren
Sikan, with some noncom security personnel from the garrison vessel, the USS Wasp, explore the false asteroid from within and find the place not unoccupied. (Aaron, Nikki)

Tomorrow and the Next Day and the Next
Rounding out their first day aboard the station back in Federation territory, Wallace and Ibis settle into some exclusive family quarters overlooking the park. But there’s a burning question that must be addressed before they can call it a night. (David, Nikki)

The Runaway: Catching a Ride
Fernanda Ruiz is twelve now and full of big feelings and big plans. With a little planning and a little luck, she may just slip under some radars. (David)

Take and Eat
Having left Lance at the dinner table, Calliope takes her feelings inside a Klingon restaurant with her, where a familiar figure lends some comfort. (Nikki)

Sleep Deprived
Ens. Marcello Wiser’s been upset for days and on very little sleep, isn’t able to keep it together any more, demanding answers about his friend’s condition. Dr. Llwyd is too tired for this. (Sep, Nikki)

Excuse the Mess
Samual Johnson looks after some dockyard business and connects with Elise Rochambeau about getting the Cassablanca running in case the station needs to throw it at something. (Sep, Zach)

Arrival Time
Captain Fairfax considers some things as the USS Cassiopeia arrives in the Loki System and makes its approach to the space station. (Nikki)

Stormy Night Part 2
Brek and Desha must make a desperate dash into the stormy night and lose themselves in the darkness but still can’t shake their gun toting pursuer. Volchok itself seems to have the last laugh… (Spiral)

The Past is in the Aft Torpedo Sights
When Captain DeHavilland seeks out a late night dessert, she happens on Zahn and they discuss things that have been before indulging in confections and drinks with Klingons. (Sep, Nikki)

Unwitnessed, Unratified: A Good Day, A Bad Day
It’s Unification Day, and a promising young diplomat puts in some serious mental energy trying to crack some interstellar problems before something changes the face of everything. (David)

The Path to Great Profits
Brek’s grandmother Ara has opinions about his stalled fortunes, and plans to get him back on track. (Spiral)

Special Order
Ibis sneaks off early to the Promenade to seek help placing a special order for a gift. (Spiral, Nikki)

Wonders of Modern Engineering
As the Korinn guests try out the prototype mobility sleds the engineering team has whipped up, the Chief Diplomat and the Chief Wildcard discuss the outlook of the broader situation. (Polar, David, Nikki)

Not This Time
Moon brings some take out and conversation to share with Rice. A comment triggers a very bad memory that makes for a very strong motivation to pull off the impossible. (David)

An Introduction on Choppy Waters
Admirals, Diplomats, Chiefs, and Honored guests all gather as the Korinn register their opening statements and register a plea for the Federation to intervene on their behalf. Tensions begin to show in which directions the fault lines lie between the gathered parties. (David, Nikki, Spiral, Tara)

A Question of Belonging
The morning after, Calliope wakes up in a hotel room and makes a decision. It’s time to move on, with a little help from a friend. (Tara, Nikki)

Inconvenient Truths
T’Sheng confronts her daughter, and her daughter confronts her back. (Spiral)

Meet the New Boss
After witnessing the triumphant welcome of the Pathfinder, Commander Ovim tracks down the tactical ensign for her own kind of welcome. (Em, Nikki)

Reclaiming Reality
Back aboard the station, Hannah Wagner makes a little time for a call to her Papa who offers an ear as she airs her frustrations and catches her up on the latest family news. (Sara)

Wish Upon a Star
Sweet memories are the remains of the past as Hannah considers what might be ahead. (Sara)

Breakfast at the Supper Club (pt1)
There's a miscommunication that leads to an over abundance of food at the Supper Club's first breakfast scene. Admiral Sepandiyar's three younger sons make an appearance, and are a big hit with Ikemba while Wallace and Ibis sit down separately with the Admiral.(Sep, David, Nikki)

Breakfast at the Supper Club (pt2)
Admiral Sepandiyar takes the opportunity over breakfast to begin to get an idea as to what Wallace and Xeri have to share about their experience concerning the Pyrryx. Ibis gets a lab and Wallace an invitation to advise on tactics. (Sep, David, Nikki)


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