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General Report September '23

Posted on 04 Oct 2023 @ 3:50pm by Commander Calliope Zahn
Edited on 09 Oct 2023 @ 3:40pm


Active crew: 10
total word count: 46,955
OF Post count: 94
9.39 posts/ active player

Markus/ Sep & DeHavilland
Nikki/ Zahn
Polar/ Steiner & HaiRoa
Aaron/ Sikan
David/ Rubens
Tara/ Haille
Spiral/ Brek
Sara/ Wagner
Em/ Ovim
Zach/ Samual Johnson



All players on the sim posted something this month! Yay, full participation!

No new players. No players left the sim.

We had a strong post count, even though it was pretty quiet for a couple of weeks as several players were out of contact for various RL reasons. But as everyone posted at least something, we’re all being counted active. For a relatively mellow month, still a very excellent post count.

Accepting applications!

We issued a recruitment ad for Science personnel in August.
In September we put out a general ad with categorical listing for departments.
There will be a different ad crafted and issued for October.

If a prospective player has some questions about applying, please do not hesitate to join us in our discord and ask away!


The USS Cassiopeia has delivered diplomatic figures and their staff and the discussions have begun concerning the Korinn’s request for Federation assistance in the face of Pyrryx subjugation.

The Cassio also brought some VIPs who each have a family matter to see to…

As this month’s stories were diverse, please read the short summaries:
Individual Post Summaries September '23

This month’s paper crown belongs to David! I very much enjoyed reading everyone’s solos. As always this sim delivers great quality. I especially appreciated David’s “Unwitnessed, Unratified: A Good Day, A Bad Day” and I’ve read it twice and plan to read it again, there’s so much going on in it!

David 8,553 (3 posts)
Spiral 4,128 (3 posts)
Nikki 2,726 (2 posts)
Sara 2,585 (2 posts)
Total solo word count: 17,992


Obsidian Fleet Post Spotlight
"Unwitnessed, Unratified: A Good Day, A Bad Day"
This post is an excellent all around image, going into Maurice Ruben's backstory and illustrating a-day-in-the-life of an up and coming young diplomat, and yet it is definitely no ordinary day in the life... This is a piece of fictional reality, by which I mean to say the fiction rings true to our own personal lives when we reflect on those irrevocable instants in which something truly rended the fabric of our own collective generational experience. But I won't spoil it any further for you. You just have to read it.


Nikki & Markus- Wordsmith Medal for Narrative Voice
“The Past is in the Aft Torpedo Sights”
A beautiful post where we follow DeHavilland and Zhan, while they are off duty and meet in a Klingon restaurant. As they speak of Zahn’s recent break-up, we are treated to the vibrant atmosphere that Chef KevaQ imposes around him. We also witness what, surely, must be the most magnificent cake that exists on this side of the galaxy :).


David- Characterization: backstory
“Unwitnessed, Unratified: A Good Day, A Bad Day”
For its lively description of a normal “First Contact Day’ for young Diplomat Second Grade Maurice Rubens, Treaties, trade deals and old friends are all that matter until the world collapses, with the evacuation of the campus and the announcement that Mars has been attacked.


Sara- Introspective Star
“Wish Upon a Star”
For the description of a beautiful day, which breaks the tedium of the daily routine, and a bittersweet ending, which reveals that not all is as it first seemed.


Nikki - Gold Quill Medal
This is to reward the ongoing series of solo posts (I counted 12 so far) that detail the life, past and present of CPO Ibis Xeri. Whether the scene takes us to the harsh world of Korix, the rediscovery of life within the Federation, a journey to her childhood, or the depiction of her relatives, Ibis remains a vibrant character, and it is always a treat to read a new installment describing her life.


Markus- Obsidian Fleet Silver Star

Our GM Sepandiyar (also variously known as Markus and PCing captain DeHavilland) Has been recognized by our Task Force CO, Minawara.
This is the text shared in the monthly division report:

Silver Star – Obsidian Command

Captain Corvus DeHavilland

When it comes to group level awards, it is rare that I will receive a recommendation for award from anyone but the CO. This recommendation instead comes from the Executive Officer.

From the XO:
“Sep was already a talented writer by the time we were introduced. His writing reflects years of personal development and honed craft. He loves his characters, not in such a way as to make them too precious to tell their stories, but in such a way as to do them the honor of telling their stories, for better or for worse, but always for the best effect to the reader. He’s true to his characters, true to himself, and so his work can only ring true to anyone who follows along.

His primary character on the station is DeHavilland, and over the course of the past three missions since opening the sim, she’s been tested and tried, and her flaws are surfacing as she attempts to live up to her first command under the pressure of so many expectations in her service to Starfleet, and challenges in her personal life. But the reader can anticipate that these tests— great and small, internal and external— will produce character and DeHavilland will persist.”

For those of you who are unaware, Captain DeHavilland is played by our own Admiral Sepandiyar. I have written with him for nearly a decade at this point, and would say that I wouldn’t have to pause to question if he was a skilled writer. But still, when it is called out, I go digging. And I have found, as is always the case, a treasure trove of short stories that I could read for hours on end. This is a very much deserved award. Cheers to you Sep!

Special thanks to Spiral and David for sending up Quotes and Awards this month!


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