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Making it homey

Posted on 29 Jun 2022 @ 11:10am by Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: Medical Officers Quarters
Timeline: MD 4: 1045
853 words - 1.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Hannah paced the length of the empty room before her then back again, mentally trying to figure out where she was going to place certain articles of furniture which would be beamed over from the transport shortly. She'd set a time in her head, so she had to at least START by that time.

She'd come close to embarassing herself with a date coming to her quarters when they weren't even close to done. The memory of several days prior made her smile however. A date hadn't even been on her radar, but the invitation from Jai was both welcome and shocking at the same time. It was novel to have someone show any interest in her at all, but a week into a new assignment? These things just didn't happen to her.

Several small boxes of personal effects were already in the middle of what would be the bedroom. She hadn't opened any of them, as she wanted to get a mental map of how these quarters would look before she started making a disaster of the place trying to get it put together.

A sketch was pinned to the wall beside her, and she glanced at it with the practiced eye of a woman who rearranged things in her quarters until she got them just so. It wasn't far from the truth either, she was the type to rearrange just because as well.

The walls in the front room from the door to the back wall where the windows were, she covered in bookshelves. One shelf in the center, held a collection of small knick-knacks, and pictures of her family. She smiled at the antique music box, and touched it with her finger. It chimed obediently and Hannah chuckled in response. Behind that shelf she hung a small tapestry that displayed a koi fish swimming through lotus blossoms and water to becoming a dragon.

On a small round table with a marble top beneath the tapestry, she hefted a huge bowl with the help of an antigrav unit. It was full of water and actual lotuses poked their heads above the 'pool'. They died off periodically and she tossed a new seed in.

A huge rug rolled out, in the middle of the room to cover the floor in a tile pattern of cool colors, dark navy, cerulean, blue-violet and a true purple. Each tile on the rug was edged with white, and interlocked in a star like pattern found oft in Moroccan and Turkish art. The pile was thick and she took pleasure in wiggling her bare toes in it.

Archways of whitewashed wood went up next, stepping away from the ivory walls so that they created shadowy alcoves next to the great window. In between each archway, there was a cascade fabric of the same blue violet that was in the rug. Each curtain was bound in the center by navy tie, that was edged and tipped in gold. The tassels that hung from its tips were also gold, and they caught the light gently. She could draw the curtains over the great window, and they would meet in the middle. Another curtain that couldn't be drawn, just hung as decoration at the end of each archway, making it appear like it was a single unit. A giant tassel on each one, showed it was decorative.

The couches were next. She pushed, pulled and wrestled with small white couches into position inside the archways, and settled a few poufs of various colors on the ground under the window. A tiny orb light hung from the point of each arch, allowing its glow to shine down upon the occupant of the couch. A blanket of deep rose she tossed onto one couch, and she smiled at the array she'd built.

A cascade of fabric served as a door, to her living areas, and the silk fluttered prettily in the doorway with the tiny breeze of the circulator. It gave the room a softer feel.

A room divider of white, that was carved in the same pattern as the rug, with the window areas filled with colored resin that afforded a stained glass effect to the room, and effectively hid the replicator and kitchen area away from view of the living room. A long thin window illuminated this area, which was likely enough light but she'd revisit that later.

Hannah pulled a box into the center of the room and began to unload books onto the bookshelf. It took the better part of an hour, to unload the series of boxes in the corner. Each one, she disassembled and placed in the area that the desk would go.

"Computer, Please beam the desk from storage space XI-34 into the space marked by storage boxes and dispose of them."

The desk materialized with a whirr of particles being reformed into a solid state. Taking twice as long as it normally would she sighed as the trash vanished leaving only the accessories of her life. It actually looked more like a home now, than a set of quarters assigned at random.



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