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XO's Report Dec '21/ Jan '22

Posted on 26 Feb 2022 @ 6:58pm by Commander Calliope Zahn

OC's XO Dec '21/ Jan '22 EotM Report

-- note: This report is a bit of catch up for 2 months when activity was a little slower over the holidays.

Active crew: 6
total word count: 6,545
OF Post count: 13
2.18 posts/ player

Active crew: 6
total word count: 8,841
OF Post count: 18
2.95 posts/ player

For members and guests and readers to help track the timeline of unfolding posts

XO's General Story Summary

The Sanctuary plot threads carried on. Several posts were set at the diplomatic dinner held on Planet Obsidian, and some themes were established for future story concerning ancient Obsidian history and religious prophecy. The beginning of the 'Milk Run' thread demonstrated some local Kalaran City color.

XO's Post Summaries for December '21

Permanent Fixture
by Sep
MD09 ~1721HRS
Declann Finn is backed into a desk job by powers beyond his control, and just a little bit of unintentional guilt tripping.

Beginning of the End
by nikki
MD08 1945HRS
During the festivities hosted at the Kalaran seed vault, Calliope encounters some incredible art tucked away in another hall and gets schooled on its meaning.

The Universal Family
by nikki
MD08 2000HRS
Feeling ill, Calliope visits the ladies' room where she is helped by some Sisters of the Universal Family Church. The kindness is too much for her.

Informal Briefing
by becca and nikki
MD10 Midmorning
Theo and Calliope catch up over coffee and talk about security matters. As a concerned friend, Theo warns Calliope to take it easy.

XO's Post Summaries for January '22

by nikki
MD11 1800HRS
Elli spends some time in deep focus on her Quantum Theory studies while someone keeps quiet company.

Say Goodnight
by paul and nikki
MD08 evening
Lance makes a new friend in spite of his best efforts to avoid it, before he and Calliope excuse themselves from the party

Milk Run: Warm Up the Car
by sep and nikki
MD11 0915HRS
Calliope is feeling pretty good compared to most days. After some self care, she makes arrangements to visit Planet Obsidian and arranges to meet up with Bruce Kensforth.

Milk Run: The View From Afar
by sep and nikki
MD11 1030HRS
Bruce and Calli take a shuttle down to Obsidian.

Milk Run: The Streets
by sep and nikki
MD11 1050HR
Bruce and Calliope talk as they navigate the Kalaran back streets and alleyways to find the bar in the North Quarter that Calliope hopes to find a local bush guide connection through. Local color.

Milk Run: Shot Takers
by sep and nikki
MD11 1130HRS
Bruce and Calli brave the local liquor and buy the bottle. Cheers.

Milk Run: Sing-a-long
by sep and nikki
MD11 1220HRS
Calliope's hope of finding a guide via the bar is a dead end. But loosened by drink, Calliope plays the siren, dusts of the piano and gets the bar to sing along to some sea shanties.


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