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XO's Report Oct '22

Posted on 02 Nov 2022 @ 4:55pm by Commander Calliope Zahn
Edited on 02 Nov 2022 @ 5:20pm

OC's XO October '22 EotM Report

Active crew: 8
total word count: 41,441
OF Post count: 83
10.36 posts/ player

For members and guests and readers to help track the timeline of unfolding posts. NOTE the missions are organized by tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet



- After coming across an abandoned aquatic space station in deep space, the Pathfinder redirects and approaches, preparing an away team to board. After suiting up and beaming over, they begin to investigate and power up the small station to see what there is to find.

- Back home on Obsidian Command, Sikan continues to greet the members of his department and meets with the Marshal’s office, new senior pilot CWO Tann arrives, and Brek reflects on his past while arranging to finance a grand opening event for his new gallery.

- Meanwhile on Loki III, Ibn Sharjar follows the lead he was given at the cafe to meet a mysterious apothecary who entrusts Sharjar with members of his family to be shuttled back to a little known tribal home where the obsidian glass is treacherous and inhospitable.

- Also of note, a backstory thread detailing an encounter with some Breen raiders earlier in the careers of HaiRoa and Zahn comes to its exciting conclusion.


Another excellent month for quantity and quality of posts. While not the high water mark of last month, we kept a very strong high quality posting rate exceeding most of our best months since the sim has opened. Last month certainly wasn’t a fluke.

Christery joined us in two complementary roles as CWO Braedyn Tann (Senior Pilot) and LtCmdr Zh’Athrun (Chief Tower Control Officer)

In October we worked with three new applicants. Christery began posting with us mid October and another recent addition, Dreamer, will be on the November report. The third is still in the approval process as of the writing of this report but we anticipate a November report mention for that applicant as well.

Darren and Emu were unavailable to post this month.

October saw another Ad run which we posted throughout the recruiting discords. Polar has personally invited players in other servers who are verbalizing their interest in joining a new sim.

For November I anticipate amending our joining documents with some player guides to help onboarding expectations as my thoughts have been congealing thanks to the common questions I have been fielding the past few months with new players and thanks to collaborating with Polar concerning recruitment aspects.

If it ain't broke, don’t fix it! The site has remained pretty much the same. But Polar/Steiner did some nice clean up and clarification work concerning our station manifests.


We've added a new Sim level award-

Feature Post
This award is to recognize posts made in the spirit of holidays, specific genres, strong mood pieces, and other themes that may be named in the award description. These should be creatively unique, quality posts that make good reading and good use of the theme at hand. While they may be part of a bigger story, they should make good stand alone reads, out of the context of the sim.
(nikki’s note- I am adding this as a sim level use, as OF might start turning us away if we had a Post Spotlight every single week, but there are still wonderful posts to be celebrated!)

October '22 Awards

--Characterization: Backstory--
To recognize the Cold Comfort backstory thread featuring HaiRoa and Zahn fending off Breen Raiders. (Nominated by Spiral)

--Feature Post--
Not to Mention the Mansion -by Spiral
In this entry, Brek recalls a time when he had wanted to become a homeowner at a bargain price, but changed his mind when he took a tour for himself. A welcome spooky read shared during the end of October.


The reward for this challenge is literally just bragging rights for a month to the winner! Meanwhile everyone gets to enjoy a friendly competition helping with the motivation to post, and the chance to read more of each other's awesome stories!

Spiral takes the cake this month, as she steadily shared Brek’s exploits in the present and the past. Congrats Spiral! *passes the paper crown*

Spiral 5,935
Polar 3,663
Sep 2,917
Aaron 913
Christery 771


No current official recruiting campaign.

Honestly, I’m not gonna spend energy running a big campaign or anything (we have several new friends to incorporate right now) BUT we are always going to welcome applications that come our way. Feel free to invite a friend.

If a prospective player has some questions about applying, please do not hesitate to join us in our discord and ask away!

Before we dismiss and let you browse the post summaries, here are some Quote Selections handpicked by crewmembers!


Rag Doll
“Now. What’s it going to be? Mr. Sandman or a nice, juicy protein pudding? I’ve got… Salisbury steak or… Lasagna… or random memories from the last twenty years, swimming through your brain,” he said, gesturing to the two containers in turn and finally to a hypo spray and grinning. “Pick your poison.”

A Real Straight Shooter
“Appreciate you calling it efficiency instead of laziness, sir,” Quigley said. “Can I get you a drink?”


A Priceless Experiment
Back in his office, Brek found himself staring at the picture of the Ferengi woman placed on his desk. Her name was Elia. A most pleasant creature, small and slim, with amber eyes that seemed to have the power to detect fibs and deceptions instantly. Her mind was as sharp as her teeth and it was always a delight to hear her discourse on any topic, even on those occasions where she had unpleasant things to say.


Uncertain News
"No, it's a terrible one. There's a reason you're not lecturing at Daystrom. There's no such thing as negative speed. We talked about this. "


Along Came a Spider
"Damn it, Bosun!" She twisted and yanked off one of the gloves, throwing it to the floor. "You scared her!"

HaiRoa was momentarily stumped, then spluttered, "I scared her?!"

"I promised her protection. But now if she doesn't come back, I can't hide her!"

"You're protecting the giant... thing.... with all the legs and.... whatever the hell that was?!" HaiRoa was baffled.


Risk is our business.
“Risk is our business. Accept the risks, work the problem, get the job done. We’re Starfleet and the Federation Marines. This is what we do.”



Rag Doll
A Junior crewer on the Theseus gets to enjoy a longer stay in Medical with Dr. Corduke after a particularly unwise attempt at impressing a fellow crewmember cascades into a bad fall. (Sep)

Incursion into the Past
Brek calls on an old friend and reflects on how he was once kept out of involuntary organ donation thanks to Neph's charity. (Spiral)

A Real Straight Shooter
Sikan tours the armory and meets SPCO Quigley, who is definitely not lazy. (Aaron)

Cold Comfort pt 5: Split Forces
HaiRoa and Zahn split up and create a distraction to gain the upperhand with the Breen Raiders. Backstory Thread. (Polar, Nikki)

Ibn Sharjar: Souk Dur Kalara Quet Baka
Ibn Sharjar takes us to the Old Quarter Market and stops in at the Apothecary. (Polar)

Ibn Sharjar: The Tej-Ka-Jalfa Repay in Full
Sharjar meets with his new fare, the apothecary's progeny, who are heading back to the dangerous black glass they call home. Also, don’t miss the new boots. (Polar)

Brek's granny both berates and supports him, in true Ferengi fashion. (Spiral)

Cold Comfort pt 6: Sparks Will Fly
HaiRoa gets into a shootout while recovering the rest of the team. Meanwhile Calliope tries not to be squished by a spider. Backstory Thread. (Polar, Nikki)

Marshalling Security Resources
Sikan visits the Marshal’s office and makes acquaintances with a short administration assistant and a fellow Vulcan. (Aaron, Polar)

Risk is Our Business
Tann gives the convocation speech to flight school graduates he has helped to train at the Academy. Debut Post. (Christery)

Arrow in the 10 Ring
Tann arrives at the Loki system and is greeted over Coms by SCPO Lex-Navine and escorted to the base by the Ghost Peppers. (Christery, Nikki)

Breckinridge: U Haul We Haul pt3
The Romulan Refugee's leadership debates on their new settlement options in the Itonian Bajada. Ayalou needs a nap. (Tara, Polar, Nikki)

Cold Comfort pt 7: Along Came a Spider
They head down to the engineering deck to prepare to hold out until a rescue can come. Also Calliope makes Tane sing nursery rhymes. (Polar, Nikki)

A Priceless Experiment
A moment of inspiration takes Brek as he eats some green grape pie and he decides to sell off a painting to fund his grand opening. (Spiral)

Space Bauble - Pt 1
The Away Team on Pathfinder gears up and transports over to the Aquatic space station. (Sara, Tara, Polar, Sep, Nikki)

Cold Comfort Pt 8: The Die Hards
HaiRoa is pinned and Calliope tries to make a deal. It's looking pretty hairy as Zahn's team tries to hold off the Breen Raiders. Backstory Thread - conclusion (Polar, Nikki)

Uncertain News
CPO Isuri tells her crew the mixed news about her meeting with LtCmdr Sikan. No one likes being audited. (Aaron, Nikki)

Inbound Flight Operator
Chief Tann has a mug of hot cider with Lex-Navine as he catches him up on the posting and exchanges some bragging over family roots. (Christery, Nikki)

Not to Mention the Mansion
Brek is narrowly kept from parting with his latinum on an old house thanks to an unexplained apparition. (Spiral)

Space Bauble - Pt 2
The Away Team orients itself and starts exploring the Aquatic station. (Sara, Tara, Polar, Sep, Nikki)


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