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Post Summaries Nov '22

Posted on 05 Dec 2022 @ 3:33pm by Commander Calliope Zahn
Edited on 21 Dec 2022 @ 7:41pm

POST SUMMARIES, November '22
I often turn back to the summaries to reference past events, or use them to get caught up to speed if I've fallen behind and need to read strategically until I can catch up. I hope others are finding these summaries similarly helpful. Special thanks to Polar for helping to compose these this month!

Pirates Have Rules
Six brothers organize a rare visit together on Risa and the old pirate roots will have their way. (Dreamer's Debut Post)

You're In My Chair
Lex-Navine is relieved from covering for the Chief Tower Controller role when the boisterous Zh'Athrun rolls in and starts giving orders. (Chistery, Nikki)

The Heart Daughters
In Itonian Bajada, Ayalou wrestles with a bad attitude born of homesickness and makes a couple of new friends. (Nikki)

Follow Your Spirit
A painful rejection inspires a rising diplomat to chart a new course and shake up his career. (David's Debut Post)

Swamp Fever
Brek has a hankering to buy a painting from his homeworld, but outdated conventions prevent the work from changing hands for a profit. (Spiral)

Moving Along
Limmi Ovim comforts a frustrated friend with with a long and unfruitful diplomatic endeavor as news comes to Ovim of her next assignment. (Em's Debut Post)

Newly Arrived and Already Behind
Lt Da'Razi, OC's new computer specialist comes aboard. He's handed a full plate to work and a tight schedule (Dreamer, Chistery, Aaron, Nikki, Polar)

Space Bauble Pt3
The Away Team discovers the station is operating as some sort of communications relay. Zahn decides to remove the computer core for further analysis on the Pathfinder, despite Steiner's reservations. While investigating they make a gruesome discovery - the body of one of the former inhabitants! (Sep, Nikki, Sara, Polar)

Coffee, Crystals, Canyons & the Lands of the Fraj-Senni
The journey from Kalara to the Oasis of the Nine Stone is underway, all is going well until an encounter with a sandstorm forces the SS Al Ashar to land (Polar)

The Most Logical Conclusion
Brek visits the Chief of Security with a proposal to have himself elected to a Civilian Liaison position by other Promenade merchants (Spiral, Aaron)

New Adventures
The USS Plover is enroute to Obsidian Command, it carries the new Chief Diplomatic Officer Lieutenant Commander Maurice "Rice" Ruebens and, as he discovers, a couple of his staff. (David)

The Great Ancients
During a visit to the Gallery by an elderly Romulan Senator Brek's holo-assistant makes a sales-promise Brek might not be able to deliver on (Spiral)

Conditional Release
Yuliette Marayan is running from her past and was detained by Security on her arrival at Obsidian Command. Now she is surprised to find herself released pending a review of her situation (Nikki)

In the Land of the Fraj-Senni
The SS Al Ashar has to land for an emergency repair, but they picked the wrong spot at the wrong time. It all ends in blood on the sand (Polar)

Science Stick
Aboard the USS Theseus, the "muscle" part of the flotilla, Command staff grow impatient with the "brains" on the Pathfinder spending too long on the alien station. An incoming intruder to the situation triggers action! (Sep)

Breaking Stone to Sand
Alone in a lab a dedicated Science Officer botanist begins to see and hear things that might not be there... (Sara)

Good Decision Pt1
A backstory concerning a new civilian, Moon-Young Chung, a former partner of Commander Rubens. After their split she gravitates to a boorish actor, but after a heart to heart with a friend finds she misses her 'Rice after all. (David)

There Are No Rules
After his unpleasant experience in an old house, he was considering purchasing, Brek resolves to discover what happened to its former "hewman" owner (Spiral)

8-Bit Wonders
The computer core retrieved from the station is analyzed aboard the Pathfinder. Commander Quinn gets a little salty with his team over salinity and alkaline levels. The core reveals a pixilated image of the Pyrryx right before research is halted by an emergency alert! (Sep, Nikki)

A Helping Hand, A Troubled Mind
Counselor Terys has a first session with a young Science Officer botanist who has been overworking herself. He senses the problem to be deeper than simply an overly dedicated approach and has concern for her mental wellbeing. But it will take time for her to open up to him. (Darren, Sara)

The Oasis of the Nine Stones
At the end of the journey the SS Al Ashar arrives at a remote oasis island set within a sea of black obsidian glass. Ibn Sharjar delivers his passengers and is welcomed by the Tej-Ka-Jalfa Chieftain. A pleasant evening ends a troubling day. (Polar)

Good Decision Pt2
Moon-Yung decides to follow her heart and sets off after Rubens, intending to follow him to Obsidian Command. The ship she boards has an auspicious name the "Good Decision" (David)


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