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XO’s General Report March ‘23

Posted on 07 Apr 2023 @ 12:54am by Commander Calliope Zahn
Edited on 07 Apr 2023 @ 8:42pm

OC's XO March '23 EotM Report

Active crew: 11
total word count: 101,757*
OF Post count: 204*
18.5 posts/ player

*originally reported to Divisional level as 100,531 words SPM201 18.28 per player, but there was an accounting error, one post missed. Numbers above are actual total

Markus/ Sep & DeHavilland
Nikki/ Zahn
Polar/ Steiner & HaiRoa
Aaron/ Sikan
David/ Rubens
Tara/ Haille
Spiral/ Brek
Sara/ Wagner
Em/ Ovim
Chistery/ Tann & Zh'Athrun
Daren/ Terys (resigned as of April)



March has been MADNESS! Madness, I say.
As the Pathfinder explores Korix, we have a split of roughly 3 threads running on that mission. Organizing and timing them to work out is paying off and the writers are experiencing the kind of momentum that feels unstoppable when it's in play! The story is catching fire. A lot of writers are bringing their best right now and it shows!

The sim busted the 100k word count mark, for an OF sim post count of 201SPM
(side note: Special Post Measurement = 1 ‘post’ credit per 500 words, a metric used to make quantitative post comparisons equal across the fleet, but with no other significant meaning internally to our sim. We otherwise continue to use the word post to generally refer to a typical scene/ single entry)

We basically wrote about the same amount as the entire rest of the TF72 division put together, guys and gals.

This report is going to scroll on for a long long while largely because of the awards section. There is so much to celebrate for the month of March!

Leaving us: Darren/ Jai Terys
One player has resigned as of the tail end of March and will be counted as leaving in April.
We wish Darren the best in all his creative pursuits!

Still accepting applications! But there’s no current official recruiting campaign at this stage. If a prospective player has some questions about applying, please do not hesitate to join us in our discord and ask away!


For a brief summary of each post, see earlier news entry:
Post Summaries, March ‘23

USS Pathfinder on Recon:
In answer to the probe call for help sent by the Korinn, the USS Pathfinder and escort USS Theseus arrive in orbit of Korix, and as there are no enemy vessels present in the system, attempt to make contact with the oceanic inhabitants. When no response to hails from orbit are forthcoming, an away team is arranged to take a runabout for a dive and attempt to make contact in the waters. The Away Team finds abandoned underwater cities and industry, but the communications are cut off before Pathfinder can hear anything further. The Away team is lead to a meeting site at a place called Tis’Kot, situated in a reef, and are led into a meeting hall where the leaders of the Free Irix await them, with hopes…

Camp Sunrise (multipost thread) & Change of Plans (post):
Unbeknownst to the Pathfinder’s crew until now, there have been survivors of a lost ship, the USS Sunrise, making a camp on the shore in captivity to the Z’ala, the Korinn devotees serving the Pyrryx. The Pathfinder, looking for the Away Team they have lost contact with, instead incidentally gathers clues leading to the confirmation of some survivors of the Sunrise Crew on the island. When the Captain hesitates to send aid, the MCO takes matters into his own hands.

Loki System:
Back aboard Obsidian Command, the unexplained yellow alert continues, affecting the freedom of movement of the civilian population and stirring up criticism of the station leadership. Brek considers applying to become director of civilian affairs and word is getting around that he might be a man of influence. The new Chief Tactical officer selects a departmental deputy and a new friend. The Chief Medical Officer has a surprising twist of fate when she goes into labor early and the outcome affects a great many people in her community, both on the station and abroad, from Admirals and Generals right on down to Crewman Recruits.

On Loki III, Ibn Sharjar continues exploring the Oasis of the Nine Stones and enjoying the hospitality of the Tej Ka Jalfa tribe in the far reaches of the desert outside of the Rupathian Mountain range. He came to collect a debt owed in firestone gems from their mining operation, but has become a valued guest, sitting by their firesides and drinking into the night, learning to ride Eralsu Beetles, witnessing their village crafting industry, seeing their watch towers and swimming in their treasured Oasis (of the nine stones). One Starry evening, Sharjar is treated to the deepest most ancient preserved history retelling, the oldest lore as to the origins of the people of Obsidian.

Aboard the USS Wasp, Sikan’s Ride-Along gets interesting, with fighters pouring out to defend a secretive listening post planted in Loki’s ort cloud. Tann pulls off his signature piloting and lines things up for the gunner, and the Wasp mops up the whole lot! Now it’s time to see what they were guarding…

Yup, the thing that's just bragging rights. No "real" award to attain to here...

It was an epic battle between 3 supercharged challengers. Nikki won, but it was a... pyrrhic victory. Sep instigated by being a powerhouse of post length, causing David and Nikki to let out all the stops just to keep their word count nosing ahead. David very much could have been the winner but in the final hours Nikki saw the chance at getting in a last post to slay the 100k mark for total words for the sim. And she took it.

This is MY paper crown people. *collapses over the keyboard*

I owe David very much credit since many of our solo works were in a way collaborative this month, as we jammed on a lengthy thread together and took turns writing the scenes in a larger story. In a way we should really share this crown *rips it in half and looks at the parts* Hmm. This. is not turning out like I had hoped….

Much credit is deserved to everyone who made any solo work this month. A big part of the sim activity is solos on a regular basis, and it’s unique to OC compared to many sims. As much as we love to JP too, our bread and butter of character development, worldbuilding, mood pieces and more is made possible by individual writers sharing their creative dreams in their own gift of voice and style. The paper crown bragging rights challenge is motivational, but I’m consistently impressed that there really is no drop in quality, just because we challenge one another in quantity.

Sara - 734
Nikki - 17,147
Polar - 3,361
Spiral - 4,702
David - 14, 385
Markus - 13,111

Monthly Sim Solo word count total: 53,440

I’m looking forward to handing off the paper crown to the future April winner!


Obsidian Command shared a feature for each player throughout the months of Feb-March. Each player received a specialized award and had a few words shared about them! I had a really good time playing "hostess" to the event and making little speeches and fun awards.

Awards sent up the Divisional (TF) level this month:
Approved and Included in the TF Report:

Bronze Star -Spiral / Brek
Spiral is a wonderful addition to our sim and our community! She has a special penchant for writing Ferengi, whom she enjoys because of their foibles and all of the chances their particular take on the world allows for as they struggle towards gaining their fortunes. But it is us, the readers and her friends, who are made richest as she shares the story of her character, Brek, both past and present. Spiral is also very special to us because she is a good sim *reader* and takes the time to comment and award others for their posts too, building up everyone around her. (Nominated by CO&XO)

It is hard to write a Ferengi. It is hard to write a Ferengi that doesn’t devolve into stereotypes and bad allegories. It’s why we all loved Quark so much, he showed a perfect reflection of a business owner that came to be just a little more human. In the same way I loved Quark, I am coming to love Brek. I don’t have 7 seasons of Brek breaking the mold, but I do have 26 posts (24 of which I need to finish reading) that showcase why Brek is an amazing character you’re going to love. Very deserving of this Bronze Star. (TFCO 72 Miniwara)

Bronze Star- Polar / Steiner
Polar is a sim engine- driving us forward by always taking the ball and powering ahead! But he doesn’t just rocket through the storytelling- he writes with incredible clarity and detail, putting flesh on the bones provided to brilliant levels, amounting to solid worldbuilding that is going to last for years to come in the game play, providing setting and lore, and future plot potential. He’s attentive to what is going on with all the other writers and the first to jump in when invited to the threads of other players, or when he sees a need to help someone pick up and write too. (Nominated by CO&XO)

I’ve taken the time to read through some of the posts written by Polar as Steiner. Let me tell you, it was some of the most fun and in depth writing I have had the chance to read. I would happily watch a cop drama following the life of Steiner. I’ll definitely be checking in for more of these wonderful writings. And I am happy to award the Bronze Star to Polar and his amazing character Ridge Steiner. (TFCO 72 Miniwara)

Bronze Star- David / Rubens
David has come into Obsidian Command with a level of abandon! He’s leveraging his strengths in his appreciation for history and culture, and bringing that love to the fictional surroundings on OC. He’s also reaching out and writing with others, developing multiple story threads and a diversity of characters with a variety of histories. He’s turned a blank card of an alien race into a master work of convincing setting, history, and culture, using only some brief notes from the GM’s plot requirements and the creative description of the race’s anatomy and fashion given by the doctor. From there he built up a very immersive world and is walking everyone through it and sending a delegation to the station. This mission and our sim would not be the same without his masterful contribution and the pleasure he is to work and interact with. (Nominated by CO&XO)

Diplomatic officers are hard. To show them as loafing bureaucrats or borderline incompetent intelligence officers that became Diplomatic in nature is easy. To write a character so flawlessly in their element while in one of the hardest departments to write for is wonderful! The finest details of world building baked into the writing is hard to miss, but so seamless as to avoid being the sole point. No exposition dumps, no long winded reports, but an excellent combination of storytelling and excitement. Much like the good Chief Deputy Marshal, I want a story of the way that Maurice Rubens explores and adventures through the Star Trek universe adapted to television. But only if David agrees to write it. For amazing story telling, a stunning display of character development, and the best name a man could ask for, I happily grant this Bronze Star. (TFCO 72 Miniwara)


Post Spotlight Camp Sunrise: Just One More Day
For its remarkable description of a community that tries to survive in a harsh environment, with all the humiliations and challenges that this represents. “Just One More Day” is a gripping post that describes the patient resilience of its protagonists, and yet this is not a grim read. There are touches of hope and humour, giving signs that Ibis, Wallace and all those they care for might indeed survive many more days. (Nominated by Spiral)

Post Spotlight: Ibn Sharjar: The Sky at Night http://command.obsidianfleet.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/493
This post is a culmination of so many pieces of lore including the original novel source (Vulcan’s Forge) featuring the planet after which our Fleet was named (Obsidian), fleet reference material, established posts for our sim, connections to the GM’s mission background, and OOC collaborative work— all forming into a narrative witnessed by Polar’s character, Ibn Sharjar, as he journeys into some of the least known regions of the desert and learns of things the UFP has not uncovered in a century of working with the natives from the city of Kalara or with those that come to the clinic or outreach centers.
Unlike Starfleet’s official channels, Ibn Sharjar trades directly with the tribes people in the farthest reaches and, as he gains their trust, is invited to some of their firesides and now to one of their sacred rituals, where the children are trained in the Stations of the retelling of their history, a Watch they keep of the past, present and future. While most other tribes shun outsiders from the stars, or treat them with distrust or indifference, this one, though fiercely hated by the other tribes for their heresies, still looks to the stars for the restoration that is to come.
And as Ibn Sharjar listens to their story, we, the readers, are treated to a deep history of the Planet Obsidian and the oldest surviving account of the people who came to call the barely hospitable planet home, many thousands of years ago.

Post Spotlight: Medical Report (selected to be spotlighted. description to be entered later)

Post Spotlight: Under the Crystal Domes (selected to be spotlighted. description to be entered later)

March was a hugely eventful Month, and as such there are lots of things to celebrate and recognize! All of the following awards will be entered into the sim Nova system.

Internal Life (David)
For Maj Porter Wallace in the Camp Sunrise thread
I know a lot of people told me they have been enjoying reading the Camp Sunrise thread involving the stranded characters David and I have established on the Korinn island. What might be less understood is that Wallace is very much a legacy character whom David played decades ago over many years. This Marine was always worth a read but he used to be calcified and bitter and always angry. It was a very intense characterization. What David is doing now with this character is reintegrating this man, using his terrible hardship as an opportunity to actually heal the old wounds in his heart over the loss of his young wife and the losses during the Dominion War that had set him in his path of anger. Although I have the honor of writing the love interest who instigates the turnaround for Wallace, all of this development is completely due to the work that David is putting in and the vision he has to see Wallace’s inner journey come full circle. It’s an incredible payoff for the character and for the reader. Wallace has finally come home in his heart and everyone reading is happy to make the journey with him, as he can finally live and even potentially die, for all the right reasons. (nomination by nikki)

Ribbon of Panache (Chistery)
Tann surprises us in Ride-Along: The Hard Way when he lets out the stops and a little bit of fancy flying quickly puts some uncooperative enemy fighters in their place! He inspires the youngest pilot on the crew with his demonstration and backs up his reputation as one of the best pilots around.

Story Contributor (Sara)
Sara continues to be a key player in exploring the Korinn people and their nature and style as Wagner has a heartfelt interest in getting to know them. Even as Wagner’s careful efforts to honor the deceased Korinn the Pathfinder recovered are taken the wrong way, the heart of the intent is still understood between alien cultures and Wagner, eager to make a difference for the Korinn situation, is ready to work with the new delegates we take aboard.

Professional Merit (Tara)
For the introduction and inclusion of Ethan Gunnarsen in the Away Team story on Korix. He’s a great fit for this plot and it’s building a chance to get to know him among other characters. Also For the work with Haille on the Change of Plans and other bridge posts, where Tara has expertly woven into a complex scene and added personality and detailed context. Like a Pro.

NPC Award (Sep)
Cesar De La Fuente is surprising, not just because a tough guy from the hood is actually an intellectual, but also in his childlike enthusiasm as an appreciator of art and cultural exchange.

Creativity Award: Polar
For Ibn Sharjar: The Sky at Night, Stories and Legends: This was a beautiful post and told with real creativity it transported me to this place and I was there, sitting among the tribesmen with ibn Sharjar, listening to this story. Great job. (nomination by David)

Humor Award: Polar & Spiral
For post: Wear and Tear: When Polar volunteered to write a couple of one-off tailors for a JP Spiral and I had cooked up, I didn’t expect these two. Messrs. Fulcrum & Gilroy were hilarious to interact with, and their back and forth with Brek delightfully side-splitting. I didn’t want the post to end. (nomination by David)

Creativity Award: Sep
Killing off a beloved character (even an NPC) is a difficult decision to make, but grief can lead in creative new directions. (nomination by David)

Supportive Writing: Nikki
When she suggested that we bring back two characters who we hadn’t written in a decade, I originally chuckled. I’m glad she persevered with convincing me it was a good idea. The collaboration on “Camp Sunrise” was one of the best experiences I’ve had in simming and that’s mostly because Nikki is so easy to work with. (Nomination by David)

Creativity Award: Polar
For Polar’s tremendous work on his NPCs “Messer's Bernard, Fulcrum & Gilroy & Co. Fine Gentlemens Apparel & Bespoke Tailors, By Appointment”, which appeared in the joint post “Wear and Tear”. For this post, Polar provided a minute description of a tailors’ shop (or to be more precise an ‘Alterations Boutique’), where everything from scarfs to suits, shoes, and furniture found its place with absolute refinement. This alone would have been enough to give this jp a solid approach on the tailoring trade. But he also populated his store with two remarkable tailors; formidable opponents who displayed a relentless equanimity, no matter what was thrown at them. All those ingredients provided one of the best simming experiences I’ve had. (nomination by spiral)

NPC Award for Moon-Young Chung: David K.
Moon is a character with a formidable liveliness and a wide knowledge of designer clothes, which in itself must require quite a bit of research and inventiveness, as her clothing styles aren’t limited to planet Earth, they encompass every quadrant. She is also a unique character, in that she is never afraid to speak up her mind. Yet she has her own limitations, as she knows very little about life in space and what people have to resort to in order to survive. (nomination by spiral)

Characterization: Style
For Markus' gripping description of Major Minka Mazur (MD) passing during childbirth, and the ramifications of this terrible loss and how it is affecting all those who knew Dr Mazur. It is a difficult subject to approach, which Markus is exploring in delicate touches through a series of moving posts. (nomination by Spiral)

OC Feature Posts
Last but not least, the following will be entered with citations as sim level feature posts!

Count Oroff (from Feb)
Wear and Tear
Ride-Along: The Hard Way
Change of Plans

Whew! That’s the whole show for March folks! Special thanks to Polar and Spiral and David who took extra time and attention to submit awards and quotes and post summaries. You make the sim a positive experience for all! And I could not have compiled all of the various report round ups this month without you guys.

Alright ya’ll. Make me work as hard after April, why don’t ya? Keep the awesome storytelling coming. ~nikki<3


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