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Supplemental: March '23 Awards

Posted on 26 Apr 2023 @ 1:23pm by Commander Calliope Zahn

MARCH REPORT AWARDS, Supplemental News Item

This news item is a remainder from March Report’s Awards:
March was so much fun, I couldn’t keep up with writing all of the citations everyone very much deserved! While most ribbons for individuals were entered, you may have noticed in the last report I had place holders for the citations I intended to write for some of the Post Spotlights (Fleet level) and Feature Posts (Sim Level). Here are the citations that have been made (sim level are entered in our Nova site. Fleet level will be in the queue to be featured on the OF site, then entered in our Nova system.)

Post Spotlight: Medical Report (March post, By Sep)
The post preceding this one showed the seven months pregnant Chief Medical Officer, Minka Mazur, going into pre-term labor and under distress. In the earlier post, Doctors from multiple ships arrive to try to address the emergency. In this post, "Medical Report" which follows after, Doctor Llywd takes the time to enter a detailed report of the earlier events. This masterfully designed post will have the best effect when patiently read through to the end… (Posted in March ‘23, OF Spotlight April ‘23)

Post Spotlight: Under the Crystal Domes (March post, by David)
David joined Obsidian Command as the Chief Diplomatic Officer, and so it only made sense to invite him to play the aliens in a first contact as well. He went above and beyond in taking the physical description provided and the simple planet description and then through a series of questions posed to himself in response to the few known variables, he developed enough worldbuilding to ultimately bring it all back around to the personal— the point of view of a young Korinn delegate as she prepares to embark on a journey to the stars to try to garner Federation support for her beleaguered and dying planet. (Posted in March ‘23, OF Spotlight May ‘23- to be entered)

Feature Post: Count Oroff (Feb post- By Spiral)
The post "Count Oroff" is a wholly enjoyable read peppered throughout with humorous narration, an interesting person in Count Oroff, the title character, and a mysterious situation. The post's wisdom lies in the age old advice, "witness nothing, you live longer", but still leaves Brek, and the reader, unable to help wondering what has really transpired in the wine cellar…

Feature Post: Banking (March Post - By David)
To note the post "Banking" in which Moon makes a sizable bank deposit with a Bolian Banker who manages the branch by long-distance holographic presence. The characterization of the Bolian and in particular his interaction with Moon, who is rather naive surrounding cash and new to money and hence banking altogether, made for a fun and lighthearted read.

Feature Post: "Ride-Along: The Hard Way" (March Post by Chistery, Aaron, Nikki)
This is a post in the action genre, but it takes its time to also be funny and smart. Sikan manages to guide but ultimately play the cool observer as the situation unfolds. Tann takes on a teaching role, but takes the wheel and proves his own high level of skill. This post, and the series it is part of, demonstrates that competence is more than just pips on your collar and suggests this particular set of characters might develop into something more than the chain of command alone can account for.

Feature Post: "Wear and Tear" (March Post by David, Spiral, Polar)
particularly for the humor and character follies throughout as Moon tries to help Brek address the poor craftsmanship of the suits he was sold, and the tailors responsible try to argue their way out of responsibility until other facts come to light to help persuade them to change their minds... This is a post that pours on the descriptive detail and carries out characterizations to playfully ridiculous levels.

Feature Post: “Change of Plans” (Sep, Tara, Nikki)
As a plot centric post on the Pathfinder mission, this piece carried a lot of important finer detail surrounding the conditions on the planet below, the spotty amount of knowable information, the lack of communications between the ship and the away team and much more. The reader is guided through this detail with the added complication of the personalities and compiled stresses of the various characters on the bridge as they take orders, give orders, and contradict orders. In many ways, Change of Plans helped to organize the multiple threads unfolding at once, while also complicating and increasing the stakes of the story, to great effect for the tension of the reader. A true work of organized chaos.

Also, added to the Awards Listing on OC:
Limited Issue Award- “This Award is really a category of award, for the purpose of cataloging uniquely titled recognitions which are specially issued on a one time or limited issue basis.”

Limited Issue Awards will include any fun awards or specially tailored or invented recognitions we want, but which don’t really work as a typical award ribbon. Our Share the Love Awards are a perfect example.


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