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Post Summaries April '23

Posted on 02 May 2023 @ 6:22pm by Commander Calliope Zahn


Mistakes Are To Be Expected
Brek is hauled into his employer’s office, what at first appears to be an accusation he is a thief followed by immediate termination, ends up being a promotion, so he has less spare time to get up to mischief! (Spiral)

Camp Sunrise: Embracing Death
High on the island’s mountain Wallace comes off worse in a fight with one of the Pyrryx’s strange servant creatures. Grievously wounded, feeling his life begin to ebb away, his last thoughts are of Ibis. The Pyrryx emerges, wounded itself, and Wallace expects it to kill him, but then something curious occurs…(David)

Aboard Admiral Sepandiyar’s Flagship, the USS Alexander, Captain Markus Hawthorne conducts the routine business of resupply and support to several of the sectors’ Starfleet vessels (Sep)

Sea & Sky: Difficult Circumstances
The Away Team meets with the Irix fraction of the local population. Species inter-relations are strained as both sides struggle to understand each others cultures. The Away Team learns off the damage being done to the planet by the Pyrryx and the collaborative Korix. The Irix agree to send two delegates back with the Away Team, to plead for Federation assistance. The meeting concludes with shock news that there may be Federation prisoners on the island and that the Pathfinder’s arrival has caused the Irix to start an open revolt. A fight they expected the Federation to join them in… (Sep, Nikki, Polar, David, Sara)

Civilian, Aiden Dhow, takes a trip down to to the Itonian Settlement indenting to compile images of the colony and inhabitants. An encounter with some of the locals leads to a possible offer to stay. (Tara)

Sea & Sky: Card Sharks
As they have to stay behind with the runabout while the rest of the team makes contact with the Korinn, Gunnarsen and Tilmer break out a deck of cards and some credit chips, just to make things interesting. (Nikki, Tara)

Beautiful and Meaningful
A client is in a pinch for a needed party gift, and calls on Brek to try to meet the need on short notice. (Spiral)

Fire Team
As Wallace lies dying, Finn and his drop-team fight their way through Korix foes and engage the Pyrryx in hand to hand combat. Discovering Wallace, some of them try to save his life but waves of Korix assault their position. Just when things look grim an Arrow Runabout arrives with backup. (Sep)

Sea & Sky: Underway
With the news that there is a Pyrryx present on the planet and under the pressure of a growing storm overhead, the Acamas away team gets out of the water while Steiner learns more from the delegates the Acamas has taken on as to the suspected whereabouts of the survivors of the USS Sunshine. (Sep, Nikki, Polar, David, Tara)

Sea & Sky: Along the Way
A discussion with the Korinn delegates convinces Steiner that it is worth checking out the island for possible Federation prisoners, Zahn agrees. A planned reconnaissance of the campsite is threatened by an incoming a Pyrryx craft. Steiner disobeys Zahn’s order to return to the Arrow, forcing it to leave him and the Marines stranded on the ground. (Sep, Nikki, Polar, Tara)

Aiden Dhow decides to begin practicing some photography on location in Itonian Bajada and is interrupted by a small critic. (Tara)

A Summon
Eager for an excuse to duck out of a party, Brek answers a call from Sylvie Hardt, and she shows him to her vault of treasures to propose a business partnership so far as dealing in the sales of Romulan Paintings. (Nikki, Spiral)

Sea & Sky: Against the Wind
At first the Acamas believes the Pyrryx ship in the air is an enemy craft, but signs lead to a new conclusion and some new passengers recovered with some difficulty in midair in the midst of a hurricane. (Sep, Nikki, Tara)

How to Enliven an Evening
In a backstory post, young Brek has the chance to dine with his employer and his family, but the black out conditions ironically shed light on the poor character and lack of happiness in his employer’s family. Money doesn’t equal happiness. (Spiral)

A Stroll on the Beach
Steiner and the Marines search Camp Sunrise for survivors but find no one is home. Just when they have given up a Federation signal appears, but it is halfway up a mountain, in the middle of a civil war zone (Sep, Polar)

Ibn Sharjar: Northwards on the Glass
Ibn Sharjar is invited on a pilgrimage out of the oasis, northwards across the treacherous plains of obsidian glass. (Polar)

The First Casualties
The consequences of Quinn’s trip in search of the Acamas are played out in medical. (Nikki)

Ride-Along: A Bird in Hand
Sikan takes an away team on a spacewalk between the USS Wasp and the fake rock they want to break into. Inside they find a fancy fighter that never launched which leads them to wonder where the unaccounted for pilot might have gotten to… phasers on stun. (Nikki, Aaron, Chistery)

A Frivolous Mood
The wife of a Romulan senator art client of Brek’s tries to offer Brek a substantial amount of latinum to trace her husband’s activities. But Brek isn’t interested in playing Detective and tries to tell her as much. Trouble seems good at finding Brek. (Spiral)

Bogey Man
Security Officer Tahriik observes some familiar qualities about the Pyrryx and its lackeys that hit close to home, harkening to his world’s ancient legends. Something like a gladiatorial contest ensues, as the massive officer and the Pyrryx throwdown while the forces on either side seem to await the outcome between them. (Sep)

The Familiar
Ovim is in her quarters having a cozy trans-galactic chat with her husband, Samson Prisk, stationed on a ship thousands of light years away, when one of her subordinates, Lt. Danzer drops by. The pair have a discussion on relationships as they head off jogging.
(Nikki, Em)

Ibn Sharjar: The Pillar of the Moon
Atif suits up against the fine glass shards on the winds of the Lethini obsidian desert plains as he crosses with a beetle riding party to reach the Pillar of the Moon. (Polar)

A backstory post shows Brek using his day off to make a little side hustle in foraging for gree worms, but while he’s capturing the biting little invertebrates, someone else is capturing him! (Spiral)


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