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Obsidian Verse (paused)

Recognition for organization of, or key effort and participation in connective posts or threads mindfully coordinated with others from the wider fleet, especially where the posts are of a set or series and are published to all participating sims.

Category: Both
Awarded: 2 times

Lieutenant Theodore Winslow
27 Mar 2022 @ 12:09pm
This commendation is for Becca’s shared Rosie-OC “Tracking Party” thread. She was the initiating writer, brought unique contributions in detail, character and narrative and drove the project through to the conclusion with surprising and collaborative twists. This backstory thread left plenty of establishment and peppered hooks for lots of future works and set up OC and Rosie Characters for another writing act.
Lieutenant Commander Lance Quinn (*)
27 Mar 2022 @ 12:04pm
For initiating a long term project between Potemkin and OC in the research of a new propulsion drive, The experimental ‘Quinn-Navine Drive’ as seen in “Expert Help” “Pet Project” “Quirks as Perks” and “Abandonment” among others, with designs to continue the thread.