Obsidian Command

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The New Old Guard

Posted on 28 Mar 2022 @ 10:47pm by Lieutenant Louke Haille

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: CIC - Obsidian Command
Timeline: MD 01 1030
808 words - 1.6 OF Standard Post Measure

The Command Center was the typical buzz of general activity as LT Louke Haille stepped up onto the main platform. Officers moved seamlessly between work stations, going about their work with an ease that spoke of time spent either at this current post, or one similar. Certainly more room than I'm used to, he mused, focus centering on the collection of gold clustering about the main Operations hub. HIs research enroute to the station had given him a basic image of the young woman currently leading the department as proxy chief, yet none of these seemed to fit the description, so to say. Louke approached, clearing his throat when it was apparent no one had actually noticed his arrival.

“Can I help you, sir?” Light eyes framed in a pale, freckled face belied the typical Betazoid complexion he was anticipating. Still, the woman seemed to be the focal point of attention for the group.

“I was looking for LTJG Hokir?”

Light brown curls bounced in a negative shake of the head. “The Chief is planet-side working on the colony; I’m filling in until she can return.” She regarded him curiously before sticking out a hand in greeting. “LTJG Ura Gormanski.”

Well, this would prove awkward. Still, Louke accepted the hand for a quick shake. “Lieutenant Louke Haille. I’m assigned as the new Department Chief.” He’d hoped to have a chance at meeting with Hokir before introducing his status to the department in general, but it couldn’t be helped.

“New … You are the new Department Chief.” Ura eyed him suspiciously. Everyone had assumed Hokir would be appointed by default, as it had been weeks and still no move to appoint a senior officer to the post – senior being the operative word, as the scuttlebutt had hinted at wanting a more seasoned officer in the post. This guy barely looked a day older than the Chief – if even that.

Louke sighed. “Yes.” He was more than familiar with the routine. ‘There’s no way you’re old enough to … fill in random exploit.’ “I take it news of my arrival hasn’t exactly circulated.” He offered a wry smile to the woman as he extended a data padd. “To be honest, I just arrived and cycled through my intake a few hours earlier, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.” It would have been handy if the Commander had thought to inform him of Hokir’s current location; granted, Louke hadn’t exactly thought to ask, just assuming from past experience that an acting chief would be overseeing their department.

Ura took the padd, though she didn’t give it more than a cursory glance. “So … are you planning on just filling out the department, or – ”

“No system-wide overhauls. From what I’ve read, the station has seen enough of that and the current department seems to be operating just fine. I’m just here to chaperone the party.”

She couldn’t help the sudden bark of laughter, but catching a glint of amusement in the man’s eyes, Ura’s own expression softened slightly. “You sure? Because from where I’m standing, the only thing marking you as an upper classman is your insignia.” She bit her lip before adding, “If you don’t mind my saying, that is.”

Louke grinned, shaking his head. “Go ahead. I’m used to it actually; comes with the territory, after all. I’m El Aurian.”

“Like the group that’s settling planet side,” Another officer – an Ensign this time – came over to join them. He nodded to Ura. “They age slow.” Louke chuckled. It wasn’t the most accurate definition, but it seemed to strike a chord of familiarity in LTJG Gormanski.

“Something like that. I passed a century by a few decades ago.”

Ura swallowed. “Well, I guess if that’s good enough for Command …” The words sounded sour even to her and she winced. “Sorry, Lieutenant. I just …”

“No worries,” Louke assured her. “What I could actually do with is a tour of the department. My assignments have primarily been ship-based; I could probably piece things together eventually, but it would help to know a few basics up front.”

Grateful for the opportunity to save face, Ura smiled. “Of course.” She nodded to the Ensign beside her before returning the padd to Haille. “ENS Rieblin here has actually been on base the longest, so he’d be best suited to showing you around. As for Lieutenant Hokir, she’s scheduled to check back in with the department tomorrow at 1000, so I’ll leave a message for her that you’ve arrived.” It would at least provide a heads up so she didn’t walk in blind.

“That would be appreciated, thank you.” Leaving the woman to her work, Louke turned to follow the Ensign.


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