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Rabbit Hunt (part 3)

Posted on 25 Mar 2022 @ 2:35pm by Lieutenant Theodore Winslow & Major Minka Mazur, MD (*)

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Location: Infirmary
Timeline: MD12 21:00
1232 words - 2.5 OF Standard Post Measure

The cut on his head from the shuttle thruster was not deep but it was going to need to be looked at to stop the blood making him look like he was in a horror movie. He looked around the Infirmary hoping to just catch a nurse with fewer questions asked about what he was up to or why he had a tricorder and animal cage with him.

It had taken up most of the evening and he still had not found the rabbit so wasting any more time trying to explain what he was up to was not needed at all, but he could not keep bleeding all over the place.

“Anyone around?” He called keeping the sleeve of his jacket against his head.

"Yes," a voice called out, seemingly from nowhere, followed by the arrival of Doctor Mazur, her white Doctor's coat barely hiding the huge baby bump before her. If anything, it made it more noticeable. "Sorry, it is deserted. Mandatory equipment training. You are stuck with me," she declared flatly, waving to a bio bed. "Sit. Tell me what's wrong... and what you're planning on hunting?" she ordered, eyeing the cage suspiciously.

"You would not believe me if I told you, sir." The man assured, taking in the cage that he was still holding. He quickly put the cage down on the floor by the door. Perfect just perfect, Theo thought to himself as he sat down on the biobed and revealed the gash he had on his head from hitting it on the underside of a shuttle. He had really not wanted to discuss what was going on with the rabbit hunting.

"Are you certain this has not been hunting you?" she asked, inspecting the cut to his forehead with a tricorder scanner node. She hovered there a moment and then worked her way down the rest of him just to be sure there was nothing else of note to consider.

"I am starting to think it might be, sir." He did not think it was too bad but head wounds did seem to leak more than other areas of the body but looking at the bloodied sleeve he wondered if it was worse than he had thought. It was only a couple of centimeters wide but the blood coming out was more than he expected. "Underside of a shuttle. I misjudged height in my attempt to get out from underneath." The man admitted staying still apart from wiping the blood that still was coming out of the gash. "It's already leaked through a gauze." He admitted.

"Easily fixed," Minka observed, turning away from the bed to assess her tools and find her dermal regenerator. The tricorder turned up nothing more out of the ordinary other than the obvious, so it would be an easy fix.

The man said nothing other than offering a quick nod before he stayed perfectly still to allow her to work for a moment before something white caught his attention out the corner of his eyes making him turn towards it.

"That should do," Minka said, stepping back slightly to assess her handiwork. She wasn't an artist with a regenerator the way Doctor Pembroke was, but she wasn't half bad. It wouldn't leave a scar for sure.

“Never.” He growled pointing to the rabbit that was happily jumping under a bio bed across the other side of the sickbay. The thing looked like it did not have a care in the world after the chase Theo had been on trying to track it down.

Minka turned to look at what he was pointing at, but saw nothing there. She turned back to him. "Do you... see something?" she asked, her normal haughty tone subdued with a sudden concern for the man's sanity.

"Well yes... and no. It is a rabbit and they move quickly." Theo explained as he looked in another direction to see where the thing had gone.

She shook her head, "I don't see anything, Lieutenant. You're certain?" Minka asked, following where he was pointing once more and following his finger as he gestured to the supposed path of the animal. "I'm afraid I still don't see it," she said, casually raising the scanner node of her tricorder again to scan him. Maybe he was having some kind of psychotic episode. Stress could do things to the mind.

"Very certain." Theo looked at the woman and frowned as he moved off the biobed. "I can see you scanning me Major. I am fine." The man muttered as he moved to where he had seen the rabbit. He crouched with some muttered words and rose again with a small white rabbit in his arms that looked more than annoyed to be captured. "Meet shatarr." The Security chief announced.

Doctor Mazur just blinked back at him, "That animal is responsible for... all that?" she said, gesturing at the tools she'd used to treat the man. It seemed more than a little absurd that he'd taken such a beating chasing a literal white rabbit. She shook her head. She was too tired and cranky to care about the details.

"Mmmhmm..." The man said stood there for a moment taking in how it all looked to an outsider. Maybe he should have let Kevlar fix him up after all. "Very interesting day, sir." He surmised quickly putting the rabbit very quickly in the cage he had and started to brush the white hairs off his uniform.

Mazur clicked her tongue in disgust, "Do I look like a 'sir'?" she asked, putting her hands on her belly. "I suggest you keep the animal in the cage from now on. If it's capable of all that, next time you might find yourself in a worse position. If you need the rabbit examined, I can make time later. Or, if you'd like to get rid of it, Doctor Bolaz aboard the Exeter takes his meals alive. I'm sure he'd enjoy a fluffy appetizer," she smirked, thinking of the huge Pawkwa-thanh compared to the tiny rabbit. It'd hardly be an appetizer at all.

The man frowned and shook his head. He could almost feel the contempt the woman had for him in the air as he had automatically said sir in the face of an authority figure's anger. He had slipped into his familiar silence for a moment before words came out. "I will remind the parents of the child's pet, Ma'am. I would hate for the thing to come across my desk as a missing pet and someone has eaten it. Will become a lot more paperwork than needed" He said quickly.

"All the more reason to keep it safely tucked away," Minka agreed. "Best of luck with it," she added, though it wasn't very clear whether the statement was sarcastic, patronizing or genuinely suggestive. But then, that was everything Minka said, settling herself down onto one of the bio-beds with some effort. She brought the back up so she could sit upright and brought her feet up on it with a satisfied sigh of relief.

Theo gave the woman a nod and quickly got out of sickbay before she sectioned him or something more drastic. He was never going to live that night down ever. “You owe me shatarr,” he muttered as he set about retracing his steps to take the rabbit home.


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