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Steiner: A room without a view awaits downtown

Posted on 29 Mar 2022 @ 3:50am by Chief Deputy Marshal: Ridge Steiner - FMS
Edited on on 06 Feb 2024 @ 10:41pm

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: Promenade levels
Timeline: M3 D01 1800hrs
1031 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

“Damn thing’s stuck solid now” Lofthammer complained

“Well give it another kick” Steiner suggested

There was a heavy thud as Lofthammer slammed his sized thirteen boot into the end of the door, then he and Steiner went back to pushing on it. “C’mon you sonofabitch, open!”

“Physical force and swearing at an inanimate object will not achieve the desired outcome” T’Sai commented from behind them. “The contact surfaces have probably oxidized, so the track friction brake is still engaged. That would require approximately six hundred and forty pounds of foot torque to overcome.” She gave the two struggling men a look. ‘I do not believe you are capable of generating that amount of pressure. We should summon a Station Maintenance team”

“We are not calling on Maintenance to help us get into our own office!” Lofthammer grunted, trying, unsuccessfully, to get his shoulder into the small gap they had managed to open between the door and its frame. “I could go get the sledgehammer and breaching kit off the Hendricks” He suggested

Steiner turned and leaned on the door ‘Well you could help you know, unless you have another suggestion?”

“There is insufficient room for three of us and yes si… Chief I do” She raised her tricorder “I can connect to the door control panel, initiate a reset and then give the door motor an additional over-power jolt of two point four six amps of direct current at eighteen volts, which should be sufficient to arc through any oxidation on the contact plates”

“Two point four six amps huh?” Steiner repeated skeptically, exchanging a look with Lofthammer

“Yes Chief”

“Alright then, go to it” He and Lofthammer stepped aside “If not we’re getting the breaching kit”

“That will not be necessary Chief” T’Sai said and stepped up to the door panel. She began linking her tricorder into the control system.

Three of them were in a corridor off the main promenade level outside the door to what had been designated as a Marshall’s Service Field Office. It had never been occupied, firstly because there had been not personnel in place before the station had been dragged off into a special void and then when it returned Starfleet had taken over all security and law enforcement tasks, both operational and civilian.

Lofthammer and T’Sai would be the first occupants, after his introductory security patrol Steiner had come to help them set up the place, but first they had to get the door open.

“You’re sure you entered the right security access code?” Lofthammer asked Steiner, leaning on the wall of the corridor, his arms crossed.

“Positive, it’s the standard default Filed Office code right?” Steiner replied, adopting the same pose on the opposite wall

“Yeah, but was it that code when this place was built?”

“Should be, I’ve used that code for at least ten years, always worked before”

“True, maybe they didn’t set it up right, since nobody ever worked here”

“Code should still be the default one”

“You’d think so”

“How we doing, T’Sai?”

“Almost done, delivering the overcharge…now” She responded. There was a beep from the tricorder, several beeps from the door control panel, a buzzing noise, a click and then the door slid slowly open. “Sixteen violts at two point four six amps precisely” She said, closing down her tricorder and looking at the two of them.

“Two point four six amps precisely huh” Steiner repeated “They teach you that in training?”

“Yes Chief” T’Sai nodded “Actually the voltage varies depending upon the door construction and estimated time of inactivity. Heavier doors, longer periods of inactivity will require different over-charges. There is a formula to estimate the correct amount, would you like me to send it to you Chief?”

“Yeah, er no. In my day it was phaser cutting beams, thermal lances and shape charges” Steiner shook his head ruefully “And the odd hefty boot

“Oh and you had to wear those damn big gloves to use the thermal lances, and the goggles!” Lofthammer joined in the reminiscence

“And make sure you didn’t step in molten metal when you went in” Steiner chuckled

“There is still that part in the class on Forcible Entry” T’Sai offered “But the thermal lances now have insulted handles and a shield over the tip”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Lofthammer grumbled

“Fun? I do not believe the class was intended to be -”

“We know T’Sai” Steiner interrupted gently “But it was! C’mon let’s have a look around” He stepped in through the door “Computer! Lights!”

There was a flicker, and the lights came on, revealing a small public reception area, with a partition. A door led in further, thankfully this opened first time with the access code.

Beyond the door there a small suite of compartments. Two offices; two interview rooms; a larger incident room with a conference table for six and several viewscreens; a secure evidence room, an armory locker, a small forensics and technical lab, a staff room with replicator, a restroom and finally two holding cells. None of them were outer hull compartments and none had a window.

Everything looked brand new, from chairs, to desks and computer panels, although there was a layer of fine dust over everything and a sort of dry smell. The dust lifted as they moved around and T’Sai let out a loud sneeze. “I should have worn my nasal filters” she said, looking around for something to blow her nose on.

There was a larger facility nearer the center of the promenade levels, originally intended for a station constabulary, but now used as a sub-post by Starfleet Security. This small suite was just for Marshal’s Service personnel.

As Deputy Chief of Security Steiner had an office up on the Command levels. “Once we get this cleaned up a little, you two can take an office each, I’ll be upstairs most of the time anyway” Steiner said “T’Sai, go replicate us some cleaning gear and we’ll make a start. Make sure Sven-Erik get the feather duster!”


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