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In the Running: Promising

Posted on 18 Mar 2022 @ 11:30am by Lieutenant Theodore Winslow & Yuliette Marayan

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Location: Main Promenade
Timeline: Following ‘In the Running: Background Check’
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Theo was having a normal day when he had been called to the travel agents of all places next door. He looked at the documents and nodded, taking the items with him to look into properly. He had been barely five minutes but the woman was nowhere to be seen. It was not often that documents got flagged, people were either stupid or desperate to try something through a Starbase as up to date and refitted as well as Obsidian Command. Bringing up the information that the documents contained he could finally take a look at the photo for a moment before what had flagged it revealed itself - a galactic warrant for a planet the man did not have much experience with at all but without reasons or much information that he could see. That was odd to say the least but it did not stop him requesting people look for her. She could answer questions at the very least.

“Uh Sir… that woman is in the docking area. One of our crewmen has spotted but is keeping his distance as you advised as to not spook her.” A crewman who was observing the security feeds announced making Theo jump as he had been in his own head thinking over what the reason was and why she had an arrest warrant. He nodded at the crewman and moved over to the console to confirm it was her which he knew it would be. There were not many cardassian hybrids out there compared to many others.

“I will go talk to Miss Neone.” The security chief assured him seeing the worried expression on the crewman’s face. He was in no danger from a simple conversation with the woman, especially with so many people around . It was how ten minutes later Theo found himself in the middle of the docking area. It was a busy place with people coming and going more so than the promendarde due to the tighter quarters.

The warrant was bothering him but it had been accepted by Starfleet so he had to action it until something came to light that stopped him but it did not mean it stopped bothering him. Theodore finally caught the woman in his sights as she stood looking at the docking door. “Hello Miss Neone.” He greeted calmly, trying to not scare her into trying to escape and running.

She remained still behind the false security of the dark glasses, as if the Officer might give up and pass her by, even while she knew it wouldn’t be the case. She watched a shuttle slide through the docking bay force field into the dark sky beyond.

He stepped closer as she did not run at first contact. That was promising to say the least, he really did not feel like running that day.

“Hello, Lieutenant,” she acknowledged him as calmly as she could. There was still a chance his greeting was benign.

“Did you find what you needed?” He wondered watching as he stepped closer to her. He was trying to not spook with as many people around but it was hard to not be that person when he looked so scary to some people.

She shook her head slowly. “I’m afraid no one on your promenade was able to help me.” Her eyes kept working over the parked vehicles in the bay. Every scenario she played out simply ended with a tractor beam.

“I do not feel like running today so maybe we can just go and talk?” He admitted with a small
smile as he saw her reflection in the window.

She remained planted to the spot, as if they were two people come to watch the shuttle traffic. As his offer grew stale, she said, “And if you don’t like what I have to say?”

“As long as it is the truth I have to accept it,” he said simply. It was as simple as that to the man; he could accept it asking as it was the truth. “It’s not about me and what I like. I want to hear the truth. I want to hear your truth.”

“The truth is—” Her shoulders lowered by degrees as she thought about the distant colonies she was never going to reach, and the uncertain life she would have if she could even make it that far. She finally admitted to herself it wasn’t just a long shot— she might just as well have tried to escape into a fable. “The truth is difficult to tell.”

Theo waited a moment before offering a smile. “It normally is. Seems it might be a big tale.” Her surmised thinking on the deep fake on the identification chip and the desperation written all over her face.

“First, I want a promise!” she said, turning towards the lieutenant with sudden urgency.

The man straightened a little as she finally turned to look at him and he shrugged. “Not like either of us have much to bargain with. But I will try my best to keep it.” It was his truth. He never knowingly offered something unless he knew he could attempt to keep. He could not let her go so it could not be that kind of promise.

She was struck at his calm, unhurried demeanor. As if lowering her shields, she took off her glasses and there was exhaustion encircling her eyes under the cardassian ridges. “Asylum. I will tell you the truth, in as much as I know it, as long as you swear not to let anyone extradite me.”

“I can swear that I will not put in the paperwork but if it comes from someone higher than me I cannot promise that.” He said truthfully, running a hand through his hair awkwardly. It was not something he could promise. He wished he could but it was not in his power if someone higher in the chain of command did it. “You know that is not how Starfleet works.” He reminded her in the same even tone. It did not speak of rebut or anything other than simple reminder of the facts that surrounded his job.

She looked down and away, somberly. Even though she’d never had much experience with military or politics, she wasn’t surprised at his admission. “I suspected.”

“So shall we begin with your real name? Ms Neone is not real and we are being honest after all. Mine name is Theodore.” He offered. “Lieutenant Theodore Winslow.”

“Yuliette— ” She hadn’t said her own name in so long that it seemed like she was breathing a stranger’s name. For a moment she retained her familial name, knowing who it would inevitably link her to. Still, it would need to come out soon enough. “Yuliette Marayan”

“Well then… Welcome to Obsidian Command Yuliette Marayan.” He said slowly and indicated they needed to leave the area. The name was familiar but could not recognise it instantly. “I still need to arrest you and take you in but we can talk elsewhere.” he said, taking the satchel from her.

As he gathered her bag, she held onto the strap a little longer between them. There was nothing incredibly precious inside, just her one change of clothing and the medical kit. But it was the last of everything she owned. Finally she released it.

He took hold of it firmly. “You will get it back when I am finished processing it and you. I won’t damage anything.” he assured quickly seeing the reluctance in her face. “Come on.” The man was not going to push or shove but he did nudge her in the direction out of the airlock and towards where the security area was.

With his hand at her shoulder, Yuliette moved forward but looked back at the star strewn sky beyond and the impossibility of a clean break.


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