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XO's Report March '22

Posted on 07 Apr 2022 @ 6:20pm by Commander Calliope Zahn
Edited on 06 May 2022 @ 9:47pm

OC's XO March '22 EotM Report

Active crew: 9
total word count: 35,255
OF Post count: 71
7.83 posts/ player

For members and guests and readers to help track the timeline of unfolding posts. NOTE the missions are organized by tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet

XO's General Story Summary

M3: Into the Deep has been officially opened! New players are making their introductions and writers are continuing Character development, backstory and other threads. The Primary mission has yet to unfold. Watch this space.

Posting count took another respectable boost, and writing participation also grew! Every active member of the sim appeared in at least one post this month, so cheers across the board, and Becca gets a shout-out for being a superstar and featuring in nine posts! woot-woot

Award Notes:
- Lots of new award descriptions were added to our sim's program! Some original sim level ones, as well as awards to account for Fleet recognition. Award images yet to come. Check out the relevant news item. OC Awards Program E-X-P-A-N-D-S

- M2: Sanctuary Awards Ceremony went up! Lots of much deserved love! M2: Mission End Awards Ceremony

OC Wiki Development:
Two New categories were added to the site wiki:
Out of Character- essentially directional material for the sim
Article Bay- A new feature for Articles of interest!
Future development for non-fiction writing support articles and further game manual materials is floating around in the XO's head. If anyone is interested in contributing to the OC wiki, just reach out to Sep or Nikki.

Recruitment Campaign:
In March, recruitment ads were re-posted in multiple discord channels. Some visitors came by the discord, but no new applications were submitted. Obsidian Command will be making another round of discord server advertisements in the month of April.

As we roll out a new mission, it continues to be an ideal time to invite a friend to join Obsidian Command and grow our writing family!

Thanks all,

XO's Post Summaries for March '22

-by Polar, Becca, and Sep
-MD11 0721HRS
Marshal Steiner checks in with Station Command and makes introductions with DeHavilland, Zayne, and Winslow.

Cold Words
-by Sep
-MD 12 0951HRS
After a much too exciting morning with the SAR, Zayne finally gets some coffee and settles in to his office, where Captain Hawthorne comes to question him about Kensfoth and Zahn's recent close call escapades.

Healing Strategy
-by Sep and Nikki
-aftermath of "Milk Run"
Dr. Llwyd plays a pick up game of chess in the park with Calliope, who decides to call it a draw and takes away something heavier than a win- the truth.

Refuge: Point of View
-by Tara, Becca, Nikki
-sometime between M1 and M2
Winslow and Koroushi head Planetside to figure out how to help clear up the political block on the Refugees' settlement rights. They take a young Romulan Refugee charge with them, Ayalou, and run into elAruian settlers Cyrus and Shirin along the way, who have a helpful tip for their errand.

The Whole Truth
-by Sep and Nikki
-Backpost, following "Healing Strategy"
Calliope arranges to meet with Admiral Sepiyandar to right the record concerning her ethical misconduct.

In the Running: Rough Cut
-by Nikki
-time TBD
Yuliette wanders into an art gallery.

No More Secrets
-by Nikki
-following The Whole Truth
Calliope decompresses a flood of emotion and reflects on the events leading to the decision of her full confession.

-by Paul and Nikki
-later, same day as The Whole Truth
Lance struggles to work on his project while people begin to resent his opinionated treatment of their labors. Elli is confused by the loss of assistants, while Lance comes to a surprising eureka moment.

In the Running: Background Check
-by Nikki
-time tbd
Yuliette tries to arrange another flight, but her false ID gets flagged...

Rabbit Hunt (part 1)
-by Becca and Tara
-MD14 2000Hrs
Theo sets out on a hunt for an escaped pet rabbit on the station and gets a little help from Lark along the way.

Rabbit Hunt (part 2)
-by Becca and Strazz
-MD14 2100hrs
The search for the lost bunny takes Theo to the Fighter Hanger where he happens upon Kavalar. There's an injury but no luck with the rabbit.

Rabbit Hunt (part 3)
-by Becca and Sep
-MD14 2100hrs
Theo gets his head checked in medical by Dr Mazur who is seriously wondering if the security chief is seeing things.

The New Old Guard
-by Tara
-MD01 1030HRS
Lt Louke Haille shows up to take the lead of the Operations Department. He looks a little young for the part, but is used to hearing it.

Steep Learning Curve
-by Becca and Polar
-M2 MD11 1330HRS
Lt Winslow gets Steiner caught up on Starbase Security.

Steiner: A room without a view awaits downtown
-by Polar
-MD01 1800 hrs
Steiner and co "break and enter" an abandoned Marshal’s Service Field Office on the Promenade that needs a little TLC

Out With the Old, In With the New
-by Sara
-MD02 0800hrs
Dr. Wagner arrives and seeks out her new quarters.

Free Range: Get Into Character
-by Paul, Becca, and Nikki
-time tbd - following Free Range: Come to the Table
Calliope teachs the Rangers "Go Fish", while Indigo brings back supplies and additional team members for their con job.

People at the End of the Day
-by Sep and Nikki
Happenstance brings Calliope to people she never expected would give her a seat at their table.


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